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A sporophyll bearing microsporangia.



a leaf in Pteridophyta and seed plants on which (or in the axil of which) only microsporangia (or one microsporangium) arise. Microsporangia are the receptacles of microspores. Microsporophylls are formed in heterosporous Lycopodiales (for example, Selaginella) and in gymnosperms. In angiosperms the stamen is homologous to the microsporophyll.

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For example, Canright (1952) states that he regards the broad expanded types of microsporophylls found in certain Ranalian families as relatively unmodified fertile phyllomes--that is, presumably, fertile leaves or leaf-like organs.
Microsporophyll lamina firm, not dorsiventrally thickened, 43-60
highly glossy leaves, more attenuate microsporophyll apices and reduced
The microsporophylls within this compact structure are peltate or apically thickened, a distinctive feature of the Taxaceae and the Cephalotaxaceae but also present in the Araucariaceae.
The Taxaceae are distinguished from other conifer families (except for Cephalotaxaceae) by compound pollen strobili or simple structures derived from compound pollen strobili, peltate microsporophylls, and solitary, terminal ovules embedded in a fleshy closed or open aril.