Middle West

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Middle West:

see MidwestMidwest
or Middle West,
region of the United States centered on the western Great Lakes and the upper-middle Mississippi valley. It is a somewhat imprecise term that has been applied to the northern section of the land between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mts.
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, Middle West
the N central part of the US; the region consisting of the states from Ohio westwards that border on the Great Lakes, often extended to include the upper Mississippi and Missouri valleys
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We get to show off our own backyard," said Middle West Co-Creator Ted Velie.
The Prairie Historians have returned, shaking up once again a weary establishment and giving due attention in this new century to the great saga of the Middle West.
The Middle West, which had been soddenly pacifistic in our days of neutrality, became in a few months just as soddenly bellicose, and in its zeal for witch-burnings and its scent for enemies within gave precedence to no section of the country.
But I stumbled upon another powerful environmental insight here: the parallel between how fossil fuels are being used to power monoculture farms in the Middle West and how fossil fuels are being used to power wars to create monoculture societies in the Middle East.
In cooperation with colleagues from Harvard University, Ohio State University, Indiana University, and the USDA Forest Service, Schmid evaluated measurements of seven forest locations in the Middle West and North East of the USA and compared them with 14 other forest locations in the northern hemisphere.
Lang is the founder, co-owner and master distiller from Middle West Spirits, the first distillery in Columbus since prohibition and is also the founder and president of the Ohio Distillery Guild, Ohio's first governing body for distillery operation in nearly 100 years.
Rachel: We have done many shows in the Middle West trying to bring together the Arabs and the Jews.
Sociologist Robert Wuthnow used to subscribe to the view of the American Middle West (referred to as Middle America in the book's title) as a region in long-term decline, and he decided to write a book explaining the decline as evidenced by ghost towns, reports of joblessness, and other signs of decreasing vitality.
The predominantly Middle West and New England migrants to Dakota Territory, many of them Protestant and of German ethnic stock, created a "Machiavellian moment on the middle border," in Lauck's elegant phrasing, building communities and churches that reflected the Founders' republican values and ideals.
The Middle West is fighting for freedom from doctor visit co-pays or defined contribution pension plans.
established Pipeline between Canada and the Oil refineries in the Middle west
in chapters by area of the country - The Wild West, The Middle West, The South and The North and New England.