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Middle West,

region of the United States centered on the western Great Lakes and the upper-middle Mississippi valley. It is a somewhat imprecise term that has been applied to the northern section of the land between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mts. More often it is restricted to the Old Northwest Territory and the neighboring states to the southern border of Missouri, E of the Great Plains. It thus includes Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. The area has some of the richest farming land in the world and is known for its corn and cattle. The extended area also includes great wheat fields, particularly W of the Missouri River. The heavily industrialized parts of the Midwest known as the Rust BeltRust Belt
or Rustbelt,
economic region in the NE quadrant of the United States, focused on the Midwestern (see Midwest) states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, as well as Pennsylvania.
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 have declined in recent decades. The chief cities are Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis–St. Paul. In popular tradition the Midwest is conservative, isolationist, Protestant, and "American." Actually it has a variety of political, economic, and religious opinion as well as a mixture of peoples and ethnicities.


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, Middle West
the N central part of the US; the region consisting of the states from Ohio westwards that border on the Great Lakes, often extended to include the upper Mississippi and Missouri valleys
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One of the trademarks of the bourgeois Midwesterner, as Sinclair Lewis repeatedly dramatizes, is that for all his rhetoric of pioneering independence, he is the most inveterate of social conformists, feeling at home at no place more than the Moose Lodge or the Elks Hall or the country club where he must affect the manner of mild conviviality.
A humble Midwesterner at heart, COLEMAN spun a name for himself as an international musical stylist and DJ.
NEW YORK - Angels pitcher Jarrod Washburn is a Midwesterner at heart, but in the past six seasons he has come to call Orange County home, and if Washburn gets his way, he'll remain in Anaheim for many years to come.
Bump Club and Beyond Los Angeles will be managed by Co-Founders Danielle Schwartzman, a native of Los Angeles, and Lauren Hylan Kroh, a Midwesterner who has been living in Los Angeles for eight years.
As a former Midwesterner and proud liberal, I really wish people would quit characterizing the Midwest as a bastion of conservatism.
In fact, nearly every Midwesterner polled (98%) considered visiting America's national parks one of the best ways to appreciate nature.
The Midwesterner, whose two-dozen Top 40 singles include such bar band standards as ``Jack & Diane,'' ``Hurts So Good'' and ``Pink Houses,'' first played Johnson's Delta blues classic, ``Stones in My Passway,'' in public last fall at a memorial concert for the late Billboard magazine editor Timothy White, a longtime friend, at Madison Square Garden.
Gene Bartow was hired to replace John Wooden in part because he was a wholesome Midwesterner like Wooden.
Before you ask what pumpkin truck this wide-eyed Midwesterner just fell off of, read what the Chicagoan has to say about how she recently broke her foot.
Greg is a terrific editor and a life-long Midwesterner who also has a passion for service journalism and America's heartland.
In this case, it's the Brooklyn projects, which middle-class Midwesterner Kusama appears to understand right down to the specific shade of gray-green paint used on apartment walls.
More than two in five (43%)Westerners and Midwesterners admit they'd choose pumpkin pie if they had to select one, compared to 31 percent of their neighbors in other regions.

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