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As a result, few lovers of literature have even heard of Gyula Krudy, Dezsu Kosztolanyi, Mihaly Babits, Gyula IllyAs, or Sandor Marai, each of whom possessed Nobel qualifications.
Here Frigyesi moves with ease between Bartok's personal relationships with women and literary evocations of loneliness and romantic love by his contemporaries, including Ady, Bela Balazs, and Mihaly Babits.
contributed to the literary review Nyugat ("The West"), which was edited from 1929 by his friend and mentor Mihaly Babits.
It was a district favored by the literary set; in the same neighborhood lived the poet and man of letters Mihaly Babits, the critic Aladar Schopflin, and the poet-novelist Dezso Kosztolanyi.
The authors of the poems are Balint Balassi, Daniel Berzsenyi, Sandor Petofi, Mihaly Babits, Attila Jozsef, Gyula Illyes, and Sandor Weores.