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ISRAEL has sworn in a new military chief of staff who is taking over command of the country's armed forces amid a tumultuous period in the region.
Ghulam Sarwar, Rashid Tipu, Zubair Ahmed and Akhlaq Ahmed have been hanged for an assassination attempt on [Pakistan's former military chief and president] General Pervez Musharraf," said a prison official in the eastern city of Faisalabad.
Summary: The military general who served as the head of operations during Israel's 2006 war on Lebanon has been named as the next military chief of staff, local Israeli media reported over the weekend.
Russian military chief Valery Gerasimov said terrorism, separatism, extremism and drug trafficking pose a serious threat to joint security.
Our forces, accompanied by massive air force support, are operating against terrorists BRIGADIER GENERAL MOTI ALMOZ ISRAELI MILITARY CHIEF
KARACHI -- Pakistan Peoples Party, several associations of journalists and the civil society observed 'black day' Saturday to mark the overthrowing of an elected government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto by the military chief Gen Ziaul Haq some 37 years ago.
London, May 29 ( ANI ): Preliminary results have reportedly revealed that former military chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi is heading towards a huge victory in Egypt's presidential election.
Abbott named former military chief Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston to head a new joint agency in Perth to coordinate the search, which is currently focused on an area 1,850 kilometres west of the continent.
South Korea's military chief left for China on Tuesday aboard a military airplane, the first South Korean military leader to do so, Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min Seok told a news briefing.
ISLAMABAD, Oct 3 (KUNA) -- Pakistan's military chief Wednesday began his historic visit to Russia as the Russian Foreign Minister is scheduled to arrive here on a two-day official visit.
At the same time, local TV quoted Bani Walid military chief Salim Al-Waar as saying he would guarantee the reporters' safety and return them to Misruata at some point in the future.
Elsewhere in the province, a Taliban military chief was detained in Imam Sahib district on Monday.

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