Military Gear

Military Gear


the complete set of things necessary for carrying hand arms, ammunition, personal protection equipment, entrenching tools, provisions, water, and so on. The design and composition of the military gear depend on the development of the weaponry, tactics, and technical equipment of the troops.

In the armed forces of the USSR the complete set of military gear for sergeants and soldiers in motorized rifle units consists of a belt; a shoulder strap; pouches for grenades and for submachine-gun magazines; cases for a canteen, small shovel, oilcan, and protective stockings and gloves, and a knapsack, which holds a poncho and helmet when they are not in use, spare foot cloths, a mess tin, a mug, and provisions. In the pocket of the knapsack are kept toilet articles, a towel, a spoon, and personal articles. Combat and transport vehicles, as a rule, are used to transport and store the knapsacks.

Military gear for enlisted men in other combat arms and military specialties differs mainly in the items designated for carrying ammunition appropriate to the assigned types of weapons. Military gear for officers includes a belt and shoulder strap, a map pouch, and a pistol holster.

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Then, as he stood upright, with his head flung back, and his portly chest thrown out, you would have seen that Gabriel's lower man was clothed in military gear.
Federal Homeland Security officials soon had TSA units in black military gear leading multiple federal and local agencies in police sweeps of Amtrak and Greyhound bus stations, as well as other "transportation infrastructure" nationwide.
He was dressed in military gear and identified by his bushy beard.
On Thursday, a large number of Yemeni troops trained in Saudi Arabia and equipped with modern military gear entered Yemeni border crossing al-Wadee'ah in Yemen's southeast province of Hadramout.
The security agency last month said it had searched three properties belonging to Dasuki and recovered seven high assault weapons, several magazines, military gear and 12 new vehicles including five bulletproof vehicles.
A huge quantity of arms and ammunition, walkie talkies, binoculars and other military gear were also seized during the raid.
Sources said sized huge cache of arms and ammunition, walkie talkies, binoculars and other military gear used by Nato forces in Afghanistan were shown to the Corps Commander during his visit.
Louis alleges the six suspects plotted by phone, Facebook and email; sent money via PayPal and Western Union; and shipped military gear through the U.
Although the game will essentially feature cops versus robbers gameplay, players will still have access to the same high-powered military gear as the previous instalments.
A new smart fabric used in one of jazz musician Herbie Hancock's electric keyboards could find its way into military gear.
One of the men was in possession of a rifle, a hand grenade, ammunition and military gear.
As India aims to expand the market for its military gear, Vietnam is being seen as a potential customer.

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