Military Honors

Military Honors


the show of respect on the part of servicemen or military units. In the USSR military honors are rendered in meeting the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the generalissimo of the Soviet Union, the USSR minister of defense, marshals of the Soviet Union, and admirals of the fleet of the Soviet Union, as well as the chairmen of the presidiums of the supreme soviet and the chairmen of the councils of ministers of the Union republics where the particular military garrison is located. Military honors may also be rendered in meeting and seeing off representatives of foreign states.

To render military honors an honor guard from platoon to company size (or corresponding dismounted formation of another combat arm) and an orchestra are appointed. An honor guard may also be composed of officers or sergeants only. Special military honors are rendered at funerals of servicemen or civilians who have performed special services to the state. To render these honors, troops making up an escort of honor are detailed. The procedure for rendering military honors at funerals is determined by the Garrison and Guard Duty Regulations of the USSR Armed Forces. Various forms of military honors are also rendered in foreign states.


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It's only out of affection, sir, and because they know military honors please her, and please the children too, for her sake; and they don't bring their muskets; and so - "
The consideration of an eminent citizen, of a noted merchant, of a man of mark in his profession; a naval and military honor, a general's commission, a marshal's baton, a ducal coronet, the laurel of poets, and, anyhow procured, the acknowledgment of eminent merit, --have this lustre for each candidate that they enable him to walk erect and unashamed in the presence of some persons before whom he felt himself inferior.
A few of the bravest among us saved the Eagles, for the Eagles, look you, meant France, and all the rest of you; it was the civil and military honor of France that was in our keeping, there must be no spot on the honor of France, and the cold could never make her bow her head.
Balean, a member of the 7th Marine Company of the Marine Battalion Landing Team 7, was given full military honors by his comrades at Pugad Lawin Park in front of Sto.
Lahore -- Martyred Second Lieutenant Abdul Moeed has been laid to rest with full military honors at Cavalry Graveyard in Lahore.
She will have full military honors at her funeral but so far it is just three of us attending the gravesite funeral.
A visitation period will be held at Morris, O'Connor & Blute Funeral Home, 58 Long Pond Drive, South Yarmouth, MA on Tuesday morning from 11:00 AM to Noon immediately prior to Interment with Military Honors at Chandler Gray Cemetery, West Yarmouth, MA.
Undertakers on Tuesday removed the ex-leader's body from London's Ritz Hotel, where she died Monday, amid preparations for a ceremonial funeral with full military honors.
France already paid tribute to the murdered soldiers with a military honors ceremony in Paris on Tuesday.
Philippine President Benigno Aquino III said Wednesday he will not allow military honors to be given when former dictator Ferdinand Marcos is buried.
Turkey's President Abdullah Gul will welcome Topi with full military honors at the Presidential Residence later on Monday.
They have earned the right to be buried with full military honors, including the playing of taps," said Representative Bryan Lentz to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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