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Military District


in the USSR, a territorial combined arms command of units of various sizes, military educational institutions, and various local military institutions. The chief of a military district is the commander of the troops of the district, who is subordinate to the minister of defense. The division of the territory of a state into military districts ensures efficiency in the control of troops, in operational, combat, and political training, and in the implementation of measures toward the preparation of the country for defense. Military districts were instituted in Russia in 1862-64.

In the USSR the first six military districts (Yaroslavl, Moscow, Orel, Beloe Sea, Ural, and Volga) were formed in March 1918 during the Civil War (1918-20) in connection with the need for training large unit reserves for the active fronts. The number of military districts has been changing in accordance with the defense missions of the Soviet Union and with the development of the USSR armed forces. For instance, before the Great Patriotic War (1941-45) there were 16 military districts and one front; after the war (after 1945) there were 33 military districts; by October 1946 their number was reduced to 21. The commander of the troops implements military measures within his military district with the help of the district headquarters, the political directorate, and other district directorates and sections. Military districts exist also in several other socialist countries, such as the German Democratic Republic and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, and in several capitalist countries, such as the USA, France, Argentina, and Belgium.

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In addition, the PLA has adopted a "CMC chairmanship responsibility system," under which "all significant issues in national defense and army building" will be "planned and decided by the CMC chairman," as compared to previously, when senior officers at the CMC, general departments, and military regions were allowed to make some of these decisions on their own.
His reforms include establishing a joint operational command structure by 2020 and rejigging existing military regions, as well as cutting troop numbers by 300,000, a surprise announcement he made in September.
A suicide bomber in a bomb-laden car drove to the entrance of the First Military Region HQ but the guards attempted to stop him," the Defense Ministry's website cited a military official at the First Military Region as saying.
ADEN (TAP/Al Jazeera) - The commander of Yemen's southern military region has beenkilled in a suicide attack in the port city of Aden, medics and officials havesaid.
The air base is part of the 5th army of the Russian air forces and air defense system of the Privolzhsk-Uralsk military region.
While doing military service from 2005 to 2007, Kam was a clerk in the office of the central military region chief Gen.
Alfonso Duarte Mujica, the Commander of the 2nd Military Region, told reporters that the tunnel was about 300 metres long and almost two metres high.
Foster; Honorary Counsel General of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr Aslam Pyarali Rawji; President of Provincial Assembly South Kivu Province, Mr Baleke Kadudu Emile; Mayor of Bukavu City, Mr Philemon Yogolelo Lutombo; Police Chief South Kivu Province, Gen Lozembo Gaston; Commander 10 Military Region, Brig Gen Pacifique Masunzu; MONUSCO Contingent Commanders, Heads and Staff of various UN Agencies and notables of South Kivu Province attended the UN Medal Award Parade.
Xiong has been named deputy political commissar of the Nanjing Military Region by the Central Military Commission, said Col.
At present, I am the commanding Military Region South in Denmark and formations with a wartime strength of some 1200 men and women establishing the link between Denmark and Germany and onwards to Poland.
There is evidence that, in addition to Rico, five men who disappeared since last September in northern Mexico were abducted in operations commanded by Gutierrez and carried out by his deputies during his two-month tenure as head of the national drug agency or before that, when he was the senior commander of the Fifth Military Region in central Mexico.
Festive activities to raise local peoples awareness of and responsibility for observing the Law on Military Service, especially among the youth, and building the peoples firm defense posture were organized in Nong Thuong commune, Bac Kan provinces Bac Kan city on February 23 by the Military Youth Board, Political Department of Military Region 1 and relevant units.

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