Military Reserves

Reserves, Military


troops, manpower, combat matériel, weapons, and supplies kept until a certain time and then committed into action as the situation changes and new missions arise.

According to purpose and scale, distinction is made between tactical, operational, strategic, and national reserves.

Tactical reserves include combined arms, antitank artillery, engineer, and signal units and subunits; they are ordinarily used to perform missions that arise during combat.

Operational reserves consist of larger tank, motorized rifle (motorized infantry or infantry), artillery, engineer, and chemical units designated to reinforce troops in the field, replace troops who have lost their combat capability, and perform missions that have arisen unexpectedly during an operation.

The strategic reserves are composed of larger units and commands of different armed services and combat arms that are directly subordinate to the supreme command. They are located in the military theater or in the rear in the formation and training areas; if necessary, they advance to the fronts. Strategic reserves also include reserve stocks of combat matériel and weapons (for example, tanks, aircraft, artillery, and motor vehicles) stored in the rear of the country at warehouses, bases, and military industrial plants. During the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45 the strategic reserves had at different times, depending on the situation, from two to nine combined arms armies, one or two tank armies, one or two air armies, from three to 14 tank (mechanized) corps, from four to ten artillery corps, from 16 to 60 rifle and airborne divisions, and from three to 24 aviation divisions, as well as a significant number of regiments and brigades.

The national military reserves include contingents of reservists and draftees, energy resources, strategic raw materials, food supplies, and reclamation and repair means for expanding military production, eliminating possible breakdowns in supply to enterprises of the military industry, and replacing massive losses and devastation on the front and in the rear of the country.

The creation, skillful use, and replacement of military reserves make it possible to build up superiority over an enemy in forces and weapons along the decisive axes and to achieve the objectives of the battle, operation, or war as a whole. With modern means of warfare, which have enormous destructive force, and with the growing scale of military operations, military reserves are becoming a decisive factor in the outcome of wars.


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It will be distinct from Russia's existing military reserves because the part-time personnel will be paid a monthly sum and train regularly.
Four of the cyclists are military reserves and all are fit and healthy but Sean said: "This is going to be a difficult challenge.
With more than 6,000 Employees either currently serving in the National Guard or Military Reserves or who are veterans, Southwest Airlines is proud to support our men or women in uniform all year long.
Belanger wrote, lobbied and helped pass bylaws that: continued benefits and pay differentials for municipal employee members of the National Guard and military reserves when called to active duty; included retirees in the municipal health program; created better controls and transparency for the use of tax dollars; and provided a forum of direct citizen input to community officials.
Hornady Manufacturing employs more than 60 military veterans and as many as 10 active members of the National Guard or military reserves.
Speaking at a UN Security Council meeting on Peace Keeping Operations, Loulichki underlined the increased complexity of global peacekeeping carried out by the United Nations, which frequently requires rapidly deployable military reserves.
She was also in the military reserves to help pay for her education; her parents had seven children so the family's budget was tight.
His cabinet has granted authorization for the mobilization of military reserves if required to press the offensive, dubbed "Pillar of Defense" in English and "Pillar of Cloud" in Hebrew after the Israelites' divine sign of deliverance in Exodus.
The troops would be ''responsible for managing the city's national defense mobilization, military reserves and carrying out military operations," reported Xinhua.
Dubai Anticipating military intervention against the Syrian regime for its harsh crackdown against protesters, President Bashar Al Assad, issued a decree calling up the military reserves.
Israel has no plan to mobilize additional military reserves next month, but it has bought "tens of millions of shekels' worth of riot dispersal gear" and invested in intelligence gathering, Barak said.
Martin pleaded with Washington to dispatch $700 million in emergency aid to bolster the regime and help it mobilise fresh military reserves.

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