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Military Base


the territory (an important point or region in a strategic or political sense) and the troops located on it with their supplies of armaments, ammunition, food, and other material resources needed for combat and everyday activity. In capitalist states military bases are established in the country itself and in a number of cases—in accordance with special aims which are, as a rule, expansionist—in other states. The seizure of important areas in other states for the purposes of establishing military bases has long marked the tendency toward colonial expansion on the part of capitalist states. This became particularly widespread in the age of imperialism, when a number of capitalist states created such bases in their colonies and in dependent semicolonial countries in order to carry out aggressive imperialist policies. A large number of military bases were established by imperialist states, primarily the United States, in various countries after World War II. The USSR does not have military bases in other states.

Modern military bases can be subdivided into missile bases, air bases, naval bases, and general-purpose military bases. Missile bases are complexes made up of launching sites, command posts, and missile-maintenance and logistic support units. Examples are the US intercontinental missile bases for the purpose of delivering nuclear missile attacks on targets in other countries. Air bases are used for the basing of strategic, tactical, and transport aircraft; of support and repair units; and of reserves of supplies and technical equipment for the support of combat activities. Examples are the US air bases at Rabat in Morocco, Mildenhall in Great Britain, and Torrejon in Spain and the West German air bases at Bitburg, Spangdahlem, Hahn, Wiesbaden, and elsewhere. Naval bases are used for the basing of naval forces, including such well-known advanced bases for US atomic submarines as Holy Loch in Great Britain and Rota in Spain. General-purpose military bases like those of the US at Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands or Kadena and Naha on Okinawa Island (Japan) are used for the disposition of land forces, air forces, and naval forces.

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The Department of Defense declared that Pacific Energy Solutions has secured a $334 million, 26-year task order under a previously awarded solar power multiple-award contract for the construction of solar photovoltaic systems at three military installations in Hawaii.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Afghan government accused Pakistan of violating a border agreement by attempting to set up military installations along the Durand Line which resulted into clashes between Afghan and Pakistani forces.
2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Governor Tom Corbett today signed an executive order to establish a commission to examine and advocate for Pennsylvania's military installations and the important role they play in our local economy and national security.
The team used WSR-88D (NEXRAD) radar to investigate spring and fall migrations at 40 military installations across the United States, and to identify stopover hotspots based on radar images of birds departing from installation habitats ("exodus events").
The explosion in one of Iran's most secret military installations signals a major setback in the country's ability to respond in the event of an attack.
Kudaiberdiev reportedly suggested that Russia unite its five military installations in Kyrgyzstan into one large military base.
As a service to our military customers, we routinely handle demil operations for various munitions and respond to requests from military installations for reclamation and recycling of military items.
military installations, they didn't forget about the thousands of Reservists and National Guardsmen who do not live on or near a military installation.
The task order requires Corrpro to perform engineering services as well as design and installation of cathodic protection systems, field inspections and surveys in military installations worldwide.
The Pearl Harbor Survivors National Reunion, conducted every five years since the end of World War II, is expected to attract more than 300 living survivors of the attack against Hawaiian military installations on Dec.
WASHINGTON -- Five military installations were honored here today for their effective business management, support, and operational practices.
How do you enlist the support of private landowners around military installations to promote good habitat conservation practices?

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