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His recommendations are based on identification and assessment of comparative units found in other military organizations around the world.
com) that clearly communicate the Acadis offering and how it addresses the unique requirements of law enforcement, public safety and military organizations.
Army 5th Signal Command joins an impressive list of military organizations currently using Websense Enterprise, including divisions of the U.
Belkin, who founded the Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military in 1999, studies military organizations around the globe that have successfully lifted bans on gay men and lesbians.
Zultys Technologies, the leading global supplier of pure IP communications equipment for businesses, enterprises, governmental and military organizations, and Computer Telephony Distributing (CTD) of Greenville, S.
Through deployment of Viisage's biometrics architecture, which includes its core facial recognition technology and a scalable database design, federal and military organizations are able to accurately identify known terrorists and enhance homeland security effectiveness.
Since our founding, Sensis has supported military organizations around the world with technology solutions to satisfy ever-changing surveillance needs," said Marc Viggiano, president of Sensis Corporation's Air Traffic Systems Division.
Their primary target markets are government agencies, military organizations, police and private security firms.
United States law enforcement and military organizations are adopting new Digital Game-Based Training software that enables trainees to play out dangerous or challenging experiences before experiencing them in real life.
Warner Robins is just one of several military organizations, including the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center (AFOTEC), as well as private organizations that have discovered the breakthrough benefits possible through execution management.
GOLD is widely used by the United States and foreign military organizations, defense contractors and commercial enterprises.

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