Mill, John

Mill, John,

1645–1707, English clergyman and biblical scholar. The masterpiece of scholarly critical work to which 30 years of his life were devoted is an edition (1707) of the Greek New Testament. Dr. John Fell, bishop of Oxford, encouraged Mill to undertake the task, giving over his own notes and assuming the expense of printing.
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The ideals of democracy are essential to humanism, and the philosophical views of democratic humanists like John Stuart Mill, John Dewey, and Karl Popper have had reverberations in all parts of the world as fascist, authoritarian, communist, and totalitarian dictatorships have been overthrown.
Machann offers many fresh insights concerning the construction of masculinity in Victorian autobiographies written by Anthony Trollope, John Stuart Mill, John Henry Newman, and others.
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One, it will assume that the reader has a pre-existing knowledge and understanding of most of the significant critical works written in the field during the last two or three decades, and two, it will probably examine almost exclusively some variation of the following works: Thomas Carlyle's Sartor Resartus, John Stuart Mill's Autobiography of John Stuart Mill, John Henry Cardinal Newman's Apologia Pro Vim Sua, John Ruskin's Praeterita, and Harriet Martineau's Harriet Martineau's Autobiography.