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one of a pair of heavy flat disc-shaped stones that are rotated one against the other to grind grain



a round, dressed natural or artificial stone; the working part of a set of millstones, which hulls glumaceous crops and mills grain and other materials. Millstones working in pairs were widespread in the third and fourth centuries B.C.; prior to that grain was ground in mortars. Millstones were originally turned by humans or animals, but when they became larger in size they came to be powered by water and wind.

Millstones are made of one or several pieces (natural) or small particles (artificial) of rock. Hard types of rock such as quartzite (the best), sandstone, and granite are used for natural millstones; artificial millstones are made of crushed flint, quartzite, and emery or a mixture of emery and flint, cemented together by magnesium chloride or caustic magne-site. On their working surfaces millstones have grooves, the edges of which are the cutting parts. Millstones with sharp edges split grain particles more rapidly.



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If mima was bringing in a decent revenue, that would be a different matter but it is nothing more than a financial mill stone round our necks.
Yet here we are, close to having a bill signed into law that will have a devastating impact on Medicare, burden us and our children for decades with an enormous mill stone of debt, and steal away basic freedoms that may never be restored," he added.
Recycled mill stone has been used to build thousands of Huddersfield houses over the last 40 years.
There are a few unusual features such as a mill stone water feature and a secret leafy folly garden, reflecting Jill's membership of the Folly Fellowship.
The first floor lounge has redwood flooring and a glazed partition with views of the mill stone and workings - this floor also has the kitchen, breakfast area and study-cum-fourth-bedroom.
v) Although this figure of 44% of all young people entering university is politically great news, and has significantly reduced unemployment figures in the young, it should be balanced against the plight of all those young people who have been encouraged to take out student loans, and who will be starting their working lives with a financial mill stone, and the desperate shortage UK wide of trained and skilled artisans resulting in a situation where plumbers and electricians are now recruited from abroad.
Ian has kept the mill stone in the garden and the original pulley system of the flour mill.
A paved front garden with decorative mill stone gives pedestrian access to the front entrance.
Traditionally regarded as a necessary evil and a costly mill stone around the corporate neck, times are now changing.
About the size of four decent family houses, Blackdown Mill has eight bedrooms and a series of some five reception rooms including a banqueting room, sitting room with its original mill stone and a fascinating display of old machinery.
The property is approached by its own driveway from a by-road to a semi-enclosed courtyard which, like the house itself, is imaginatively laid out and designed, with a central fountain feature adapted from an original mill stone.