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The Millenium Project has been ranked sixth best think tank in the world for new ideas and paradigms.
Expressing his pleasure over the fact that the Millenium project was underway, G&Co Chairman Ghoussub offered some of
I think he got his knighthood for being the driving force behind the Millenium Project in Bham city centre.
Cameco purchases AREVA's interest in the Millenium project (page 3).
But the success of re-introducing these stunning birds back into the wild, itself a millenium project back in 2000, has been marred by the killing of these majestic creatures.
Millenium Project declared that "sexual and reproductive health" are essential to achieving the otherwise innocuous Millenium Development Goals (such as reducing maternal and child mortality rates, by means of opposing genital mutilation and preventing obstetric fistula) (C-Faro, June 16, 2006).
Keynote speakers at the microfinance symposium included: Alex Counts, President of Grameen Foundation Maria Otero, President, Accion International Michaela Walsh, Founding President of Women's World Banking Featured speakers included: Christina Barrineau, Millenium Project Nancy Barry, Women's World Banking Lucy Billingsley, Chiapas Project Isobel Coleman, Council of Foreign Relations Dana Dakin, Women's Trust Emilio Ghersi, Accion International Elizabeth Littlefield, CGAP Ann Miles, Blue Orchard Capital Markets Jonathan Morduch, New York University Camilla Nestor, GF-CMG Lynn Patterson, Pro Mujer Robin Ratcliffe, Accion International Louise Schneider-Moretto, Women's World Banking Hannah Siedek, CGAP Sharmi Sobhan, Fonkoze Financial Services
Millenium Project says drastic reductions in hunger, illiteracy, disease and other manifestations of poverty are not only feasible, but are "utterly affordable.
Wallasey Gardening Society, talk, Millenium Project, by Mike Gaburt, Serpentine Road Family Church Hall, 7.
The following is one view of how the world could look in the year 2050, as envisioned by a global network of over 550 futurists, scholars, business planners, and policymakers who comprise the ongoing Millenium Project of the American Council for the United Nations University.
A Millenium project to breathe new life into a Nuneaton church is gathering pace as the year 2000 approaches.
The building is owned by Millenium Partners, the development group currently involved in the Millenium project by Lincoln Center on Manhattan's Upper West Side.