civil rights movement

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civil rights movement(s)

any political organization seeking to gain CIVIL RIGHTS for a particular group in a society. The best-known civil rights movement came into existence in the US with the aim of enforcing those civil rights guaranteed to blacks by the constitution but traditionally denied to them. It was influential in the passing of the Civil Rights Act 1964, which contained strong antidiscrimination legislation. Since the mid-1960s the movement has concentrated its efforts on ensuring that the legislation has been enforced. Several other organizations have consciously modelled themselves on the American Civil Rights Movement. Most notably, the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association was founded in 1968 to force the issue of civil rights for Roman Catholics into the political arena. See also CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.
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LEE JOSEPH, 41, attended the Million Man March with three friends, traveling to Washington, D.
The Muslim Brotherhood are also calling for a million man march in order to "advocate the immediate release of all prisoners of conscience.
Mohamed Adel, a spokesman for the movement told Daily News Egypt on Tuesday, "We will have a symbolic march today instead of a million man march in response to the army officials' statements last night in the program.
Sorority member Frances Lowe said she was inspired by the Million Man March and wanted to organize a local event with Beta Pi Sigma members to help her community.
Speaking further, Lagos PDP said its call to disqualify Governor Ambode and APC from participating in the 2019 Lagos governorship election was hinged on the self confession of a group 'itesiwaju ipinle Eko vanguard' led by one Mr Seyi Bamigbade that they organised a 3 Million Man March for Governor Ambode's reelection in 2019.
Almost three quarters of the book are about the Million Man March, the Million Woman March, and the Promise Keepers gathering.
In "Blue Door," Lewis, a successful African-American professor, finds his life in turmoil when he refuses to attend the Million Man March.
Separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani has called for million man march on November 7, asking the state government to allow both Modi's rally and his march.
event came 20 years after the original Million Man March, where hundreds of thousands of African-American men came to the same stretch of lawn between the Capitol and the Washington Monument to rededicate themselves to being better fathers, sons and citizens.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The streets of the US capital were filled with tens of thousands of black men and women, who gathered at the National Mall to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.
The event is coincided with the Million Man March in Washington DC on Saturday that will commemorate its 20th anniversary.
Farrakhan was in DC to announce the the Millions for Justice Mobilization event to be held on the National Mall in October, marking the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.

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