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Millo and Dr Sanjeev Lalvani, and pathology professor Dr Rama Roy.
Millo Tabin, Associate Professor (Forensic), AIIMS, Marto Bagra, Assistant Resident Commissioner, Arunachal Bhawan and J T Tagam, a PG student of Delhi University, on behalf of the MP.
Benmelech lives in Newton with his wife, Shikma, and their four children: Machol, Shoham, Attar, and Millo.
Francois Millo, director of Le Conseil Des Vins de Provence, said, "The proposal before the European Commission to permit blends of reds and whites to be called rose was an ill-conceived attempt to increase sales of European wines.
Without a roadmap, the wedding-planning experience can be truly overwhelming, even for the most organized of brides, who are the ones usually doing most of the planning," says Jakki Millo, marketing director for The Marketing Group - Bridal Workbooks Division, the creator behind Seattle Wedding Workbook.
ELENA DIKOVA, IVO KALCHEV [piano duo, playing Poulenc, Millo, Dave Brubeck, Aaron Copland, Piazzolla] June 11, 7pm, small hall
These 55 papers have been compiled by Khair (an engineer in the Department of Emissions Research at Southwest Research Institute, US) and Millo (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) in order to assist diesel engine engineers in their selection of tools required to meet the stricter emissions standards being issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the European Commission.
Market devices, in the words of editors Callon (Centre de Sociologie de l'Innovation, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France), Millo (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK), Muniesa (Centre de Sociologie de l'Innovation), are "the material and discursive assemblages that intervene in the construction of markets.
The remainder of the cast includes Aprile Millo (Amelia), Florence Quivar (Ulrica), Leo Nucci (Renato) and Harolyn Blackwell (Oscar).
Miami resident Millo Ochoa, who at 98 is the last surviving original signer of the Cuban constitution of 1940.
Also scheduled during this time is a performance of the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, featuring soprano Aprile Millo and pianist Ken Noda.
We've had a lot of calls from people asking about the high-capacity magazines, but not many of them have come in, yet," said Rick Millo, owner of Valley Firearms in Shelton, Conn.