Greek athlete: see MiloMilo
or Milon
, fl. 500 B.C., athlete of ancient Greece, b. Crotona. He won numerous victories in wrestling at the Olympic and Pythian games. He is said to have carried a heifer on his shoulders through the Olympic stadium, killed her with a blow of his fist, and
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Speaking at a discussion, he also alleged that Tejgaon thana unit Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal (JCD) acting president Zakir Hossain Milon died due to torture in police remand as part of the 'government's plan' to eliminate its opponents.
Roman Sarkar added a third off a penalty corner soon after the start of the final quarter before captain Rashel Mahmud and Milon Hossain struck two goals in the final two minutes.
Likewise, the rates of fruits per kilogram of high and medium quality in Islamabad are as follows: Apple (kala kalo) Rs 145/183, Apple Golden Rs 88/127, Apple White Rs 78/115, Apple China Rs 143/215, Banana Pak Rs 125/15, Banana India Rs 150/180, Pear China Rs 122/148, Milon Rs 43/55 and Water Melon Rs 18/24, Mango (Malda) 55/85, Mango (Sindhi) Rs 135/155,Mango (local) Rs 60/80 and Apricoat Rs 145/180.
Likewise, the rates of fruits per kilogram of high and medium quality in Islamabad are as follows: Apple (kala kalo) Rs 150/194, Apple Golden Rs 86/129, Apple White Rs 85/127, Apple China Rs 160/220, Banana Pak Rs 87/110, Banana India Rs 124/152, Pear China Rs 154/126, Milon Rs 44/56 and Water Melon Rs 23/16, Mango (Malda) 60/86, Mango (Sindhi) Rs 70/132,Mango (local) Rs 45/72 and Apricoat Rs 140/100.
Forward Koushik scored the second in the 20th minute with a brilliant flick on free hit of Belal Hossain (2-0) Forward Milon scored in the 23rd minute with a diving hit after skipper Sarwar's hit defelcted off the pad of Omani goalie Ahned Shaganah (3-0) The fourth and the fifth goals were both scored by Khoeshedur Rahman in the 30th (4-0)and 35th minute (5-0)and both of them were scored off penalty corners.
El articulo esta dividido en tres secciones, en la primera seccion presento la interpretacion clasica y expongo brevemente la posicion de Brown junto con los problemas que se siguen de ella; en la segunda seccion muestro el modo en que el Aquinate entiende la virtud moral y de que manera coincide con Brown al considerar que la virtud, dada una determinada circunstancia, no varia de acuerdo con las personas; y en la tercera seccion explico como debe ser entendida la afirmacion de que la virtud moral "no es una y la misma para todos" a la luz de la doctrina de Tomas de Aquino, ejemplificandolo con una interpretacion del pasaje de Milon y el principiante contenida en la Etica a Nicomaco.
Milon Hossain, 16, is on a sought-after scholarship with the Maria Cristina Foundation, who brought him to Dubai from Dhaka.
Biopharmaceutical company Quantum Genomics, (Alternext:ALQGC), announced on Thursday that it has appointed Marc Karako as CFO and Dr Jean-Philippe Milon as CFO and COO respectively.
Two former lawmakers, Fazlul Haque Milon and Nazimuddin Ahmed, were arrested during a raid on the office of BNP chief whip Zainul Abdin Farroque.
Milon Vojnar, Lumius director, was cited as saying that the firm's performance has been affected by decreased electricity prices and lower gas demand.
The last part of the contribution is dedicated to Milon of Croton, another great sportsman who tragically died, although not in the Olympic Games.