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see MilošMiloš
or Milosh
(Miloš Obrenović) , 1780–1860, prince of Serbia (1817–39, 1858–60), founder of the Obrenović dynasty and of modern Serbia.
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There was a lot of high-fiving," says Milosh, a lead engineer for the 1989 mission to recover the cargo of treasure from the sunken S.
As President of Czech Republic Milosh Zeman wrote in his address to participants of the meeting, the events in Ukraine developed
We can see from the opening words of Grendel's first chapter--they reflect not just the alliteration to which Milosh refers but accepted patterns of rhythm as well--that Gardner intends to recapture not just the basic plot, but a sense of the language of the poem that served as his source.
38) The fact that appraisal rights, owing to the expense and complexity of pursuing them, may offer illusory protection to minority shareholders is briefly explained by Philip Anisman in "Squeezing Out Minority Shareholders: A Comment" in Milosh, supra note 13,229 at 236, n.
Cleveland's Heritage--The Serbs: Serbian Immigrant, Milosh Milenkovich, Defends Homeland from Abroad.
Milosh, The Scale of Perfection and the English Mystical Tradition (U.
Talking of animals with a death wish, one of Crufts' guests of honour was Milosh, a two-year-old tabby CAT.
Milosh said, "They well understand that if a trade war breaks out it not only will affect a few billion dollars in trade today between the U.
Petersburg (Leningrad) to plead his case, he was ordered interned in the Ukraine; he managed to travel secretly through Bessarabia to Serbia (1817); there he fell victim to a plot between the pro-Turkish Serbian leader, Milosh Obrenovich, who wished for no competition to his role, and the Turkish vizier of Belgrade, resulting in the assassination of Karageorge while he slept in the village of Radovanje (July 25, 1817); his head was afterward sent to Istanbul.
Brandt Ambrosia, Jake Beshiri, Riley Bishop, Kathryn Coleman, Jared Dahlstrom, Gabriel daSilva, Michael Foss, Darien Gaudet, Seamus Giguere, Kelsey Gingras, Lance Harms, Emily Ijams, Victoria Kelleher, Monika Kicilinska, Emily Leclerc, Cameron MacDonald, Ryan Mahan, Talia Manzi, Benjamin Martin, Brian Mayville, Lauren Milosh, Jena Nesta, Kendra O'Malley, Abigail Packard, Victoria Pelletier, Elizabeth Potter, Madison Prunier, Ashley Quadarella, Gabrielle Ray, Erin Rohr, Nicholas Seagrave, Caitlin Smith, Justyna Sudyka, Shawn Tarasiak, Daniel Vangos, Fay Wang, Benjamin White and Nicole Zmetra.
Milosh was the most consistent player in the match.
Nasdaq:REMX), which operates as Remedy Intelligent Staffing, today announced it has appointed Milana Milosh to the position of vice president, Mid-America and Northeast Region, responsible for leading the company's effort to further expand RemedyTemp's Mid-America and Northeast markets.