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Czeslaw . 1911--2004, US poet and writer, born in Lithuania, writing in Polish; author of The Captive Mind (1953). Nobel prize for literature 1980
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When young, Milosz called himself a "neo-romantique" and he later translated Byron and Shelley, but William Blake was not in the poetic canon in the first two decades of the twentieth century.
It was this decision, though initially causing much hardship, and the book that came out of it, The Captive Mind, which paved his further career; without it and other prose works he wrote in the 1950s, Milosz would have never received an invitation to teach at the University of California nine years later.
short, Milosz redefined the canon established before him by his
Milosz, A Biography by Andrzej Franaszek examines Milosz's religious sensibilities as they appear in his life and writing.
After Mandelstam and Brodsky, both Russian, Czeslaw Milosz (1911-2004) is the first of the two Polish poets whose influence is examined next.
Irresolute Heresiarch: Catholicism, Gnosticism and Paganism in the Poetry of Czeslaw Milosz.
Forensic medical examiner Dr Milosz Bieniecki gave her tranquillisers so he could examine her properly.
A team led by Milosz Giersz of the University of Warsaw dug through debris at a Wari site near Peru's northern coast last September and entered an unlooted ceremonial room that contained a stone throne.
This is a unique find," said archaeologist Giersz Milosz of the University of Warsaw on Friday.
Czeslaw Milosz and Albert Camus were two friends who shared a personal knowledge of how great ideals can turn to tyranny, intolerance, and slaughter.
HACE SESENTA ANOS se publico La mente cautiva, un estremecedor ensayo del poeta polaco Czeslaw Milosz que analizaba las formas laberinticas en que los intelectuales mas brillantes eran capturados por la cultura autoritaria de los paises socialistas de Europa del Este.
Milosz (1911-2004) sharpened his critical insight by his position on the periphery.