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And like the fellow who, can't tell the difference between Milton Friedman and me, they don't listen to economists who tell them things they don't want; to hear.
Invisible hand arguments: Milton Friedman and Adam Smith".
The commentary noted, "In Ronald Reagan's entourage are found such experienced public figures as former Treasury Secretary William Simon, economists Alan Greenspan and Milton Friedman, and other well-known people.
Which, when you think about it, makes Milton Friedman the spiritual godfather of this dynamic, global industry.
Milton Friedman became one of the most influential intellectuals in the 20th century because of the impact of his ideas in redefining views of the Depression and in shaping contemporary views of the Great Inflation from the mid-1960s through the early 1980s.
Although Adam Smith's "invisible hand" is well-known to both academics and the lay-public alike, the revival of Smith's ideas was largely due to individuals such as Milton Friedman.
To MILTON FRIEDMAN, the Nobel Prize winner and most influential economic mind of the 20th century, who died at the age of 94 last month.
At a ceremony celebrating Friedman's achievements, Alan Greenspan said, "There are many Nobel Prize winners in economics, but few have achieved the mythical status of Milton Friedman.
NEW YORK - Milton Friedman, a Nobel-prize winning economist widely known for his free-market economic theory and his great influence over the economic policies of the United States and other countries, died Thursday at 94, the Milton and Rose D.
Leading British politicians have paid tribute to the influential free-market economist Milton Friedman who died yesterday at the age of 94.
In 1955 Milton Friedman wrote 'The Role of Government in Education', little knowing his essay would promote and begin the modern 'school choice' movement.
Said the Bush advisor: "I think he forgot that Milton Friedman is still alive and ticking and apparently doing quite well.

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