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I returned to Demian's apartment a week after meeting him, but I met there only his embittered landlord, who was refinishing the scarred floor where the mimeograph machine had been.
Lee establishes Third World Press in his Southside Chicago basement apartment with $400, a used mimeograph machine, and the help of poets Johari Amini and Carolyn Rodgers.
When my father-in-law founded Repeat-O-Type in 1931, he repaired mimeograph machines and sold stencils and inks," said Whitney Keen, president of Repeat-O-Type.
Publishing my first magazine, Mineralogy News, as a 13-year-old--first with a hectograph, then with a mimeograph, and finally with a 1 1/2-ton cast-iron printing press, which I operated in my basement by pushing a big iron flywheel with my left hand while feeding paper with the right (I'd spent all my savings on the press and couldn't afford a motor to run it).
In the first place, when certain literary works were distributed strictly among friends, the mimeograph machine worked reasonably well for the task, but the thought that Latin American literature was not widely distributed until the advent of the copy machine is puzzling to say the least.
Among them are Kanzler, Rofa, Mimeograph, Hammonia, Taurus, Burt, Densmore, Lambert and other rare machines, all featured in colour in Mr Adler's latest book.
Copies were run off on a mimeograph machine and mailed at the college post office.
Digital duplicators represent an outgrowth of the old mimeograph machine technology, although vastly improved.
We had manual typewriters, mimeograph machines, carbon paper, and of course, a rotary dial telephone.
As the opponents see it, if in the fifties we had established an activist bureaucracy to encourage and help finance the growth of the most promising new industries, the United States would have wasted much money on plants built to produce nylon shirts, mimeograph machines, eight-track tape players, and analog calculators.
If you should drop this person a polite little mimeograph, do not be surprised if said person attempts to assume management of the Mammoth Mail Order Co.
The principle of xerography - producing images on paper using electricity - was developed in 1938 by lawyer-scientist Chester Carlson, who saved future generations from having to deal with carbon paper and mimeograph stencils.