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sensitive plant:

see mimosamimosa
, any tree, shrub, or herb of the genus Mimosa of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), chiefly tropical plants. They usually have feathery foliage and rounded clusters of fragrant pinkish flowers atop the branches.
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The aerial parts of Coccinia grandis (CG), Costus specious (CS), Desmodium gangeticum (DG), Mimosa pudica (MP) and Psidium guava (PG) were collected from the central province of Sri Lanka and identified by comparison with the respective herbarium specimen available at the National Herbarium of the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens in Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Mimosa pudica was completely eliminated in the carbide waste treatment plot.
The fly-sized leaves of Mimosa pudica flank stems called secondary patioles, which spring from a larger central petiole to form symmetrical, fan-shaped arrangements.
In this instance too, salt would have its own therapeutic effect in reducing pain, as well as possibly produce a synergistic analgesic effect with the decoction prepared from leaves of Mimosa pudica.