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a people inhabiting western and central Sumatra and a number of other regions in Indonesia and in Malaysia. In 1973 their number was estimated at more than 4 million. The language of the Minangkabau, which is similar to Indonesian, belongs to the Malayo-Polynesian language family. The Minangkabau are Muslims. Many of the peoples of Sumatra are racially related to the Minangkabau. An early feudal principality existed among the Minangkabau in the 13th century. In the first half of the 19th century, the Minangkabau resisted the Dutch conquest. Their chief occupation is wet rice cultivation and, since the early 20th century, the raising of industrial crops, such as rubber. Livestock breeding and handicrafts are also important. Capitalist relations are well developed, although communal living and many features of the matrilineal clan system have survived. The Minangkabau play an active role in the political and cultural life of Indonesia.


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McCall and Minang (2005) stated the importance of participatory mapping in community-based natural-resource management.
Another hotel in Padang, the Bumi Minang Hotel, reportedly collapsed, trapping many guests.
Russia's ChTZ Uraltrac plans to team up with PT Minang Jirdanindo to build a heavy equipment plant in Kalimantan with an investment of US$500 million.
These are the Minang and Whadjuk territories, respectively situated at King George Sound and in the Swan Region.
L'ethnonyme Dayak recouvre un ensemble heterogene, qui ne presente aucune analogie avec ceux qui ont beneficie en Indonesie d'une reconnaissance relative ( Bali , Toraja , Batak , Minang , etc.
People simply say 'they talk, they would like to make his sickness smooth' (mbu rnariawk kusikan, mari minang akirpingasararin).
This unifying identity is a relatively new, translocal ethno-religious phenomenon, one that stands in contrast to other, local traditional Muslim identities--for example, Javanese Muslims and Minang Muslims--in Indonesia.
Community Alliance of Lane County - The alliance will show "Matrilineal Muslim Women of Minang," a film documentary by University of Oregon guest professor Irum Shiekh, from 7 p.
In answer to my question about the music's origin, I am told that it is not Minang music, but music of the Tumon Dayak.
Benda-Beckmann, Keebet von 1984 The broken stairways to consensus: Village justice and state courts in Minang kabau.
Programmes such as Lapau Si Ros (Ros's Coffee Shop) and Kucindan Minang (Minangkabau Jesting) with Minangkabau artist Edi Cotok appeal to the large Minangkabau community in Pekanbaru.