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Minch, the explorers sought to determine how it broke apart.
According to EAPPI representative Hilary Minch, the land is owned by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal.
Ann Minch, the author of the video states she is staging a "debtors' revolt right here, right now" and although she calls her actions "civil disobedience," Minch refuses to pay the bank one more penni unless it returns the interest rate and monthly installment amount to what it was before the rate hike.
The chain forms part of the Hebrides, which is separated from the Scottish mainland and the Inner Hebrides by the stormy waters of the Minch, the Little Minch and Sea of the Hebrides.
In discussing the Court of Appeals decision, Jeffrey L Minch, the President and CEO of Littlefield Corporation offered the following statement:
Jeffrey L Minch, the president and chief executive officer of Littlefield Corporation, had the following comments: