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mind reading:

see parapsychologyparapsychology,
study of mental phenomena not explainable by accepted principles of science. The organized, scientific investigation of paranormal phenomena began with the foundation (1882) of the Society for Psychical Research in London.
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; telepathytelepathy,
supposed communication between two persons without recourse to the senses. The word was formulated in 1882 by Frederic William Henry Myers, English poet, essayist, and a leading founder of the Society for Psychical Research in London.
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While it's no surprise that mind-reading is at play in interactions among teachers and students in classrooms, our point has more to do with the role of mind-reading in reading--and especially teaching--literature.
of the mind-reading and folk biology modules) is produced and globally broadcast, it does not seem possible that it could effect further cognitive processing as a combined content, since each module can take only some of this domain-crossing content as its input.
Because we "take our own mind-reading capacity completely for granted and notice it no more than we notice oxygen when we wake up in the morning" (85), we are tricked easily by novels that seek to manipulate us.
Following the interval, the mood of the show changed completely as Derren showcased some of the jaw-dropping tricks used by the early 20th century mediums - including a mind-reading stunt called The Oracle which ad me wondering how he did it all the way home.
Justifiably considered to be the quintessential work on "facilitated behavior" brought about by unconscious muscle movements that gave rise to severe misunderstandings of such commonplace metaphysical phenomena and activities as the Ouija boards, mind-reading, divining rods, and automatic writing, Nonconscious Movements is a welcome contribution to the psychology underlying the processes of all manner of so-called spiritually facilitated or metaphysically enhanced communications.
I think he has that intuitive mind-reading thing with everyone he plays with.
The blend combines with detailed insights on how to develop psychic and mind-reading powers, remote viewing and moving, and more.
Because someone has a talent for design or for generating promotional copy, there is no reason to expect automatic intuition or mind-reading capabilities on his or her part.
The May/June 2001 Humanist carried an article, "The Science of Reading Minds," in which its author Bruce Hinrichs states in part: "Contemporary brain-imaging techniques are even now verging on having mind-reading capabilities.
Perhaps there should be courses in mental telepathy or mind-reading -- or something
But absent mind-reading capabilities on the part of ethics enforcers, it is hard to understand how this recommendation can be implemented.
Other skills and methods suggested by Wyer for the successful handling of reference questions are mind-reading ("The chief art of the reference librarian is the knack of divining what the inquirer really wants.