Mine Detector

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Mine Detector


a portable instrument for the detection of mines set in the ground or underwater. It is used for making passages in enemy minefields and for clearing mines from the terrain.

A mine detector usually includes a searching device (a frame, plate, or cylinder), a generator of electrical oscillations, an indicator (sound, visual, or other), and sources of electric current. It permits the detection of mines set in the ground to depths of 50 cm or in a body of water to depths of 1 m. Most present-day mine detectors are operated by one individual. The search for nonmetallic mines is conducted with a probe or other means.

The first mine detector was created in the USSR in 1936 by military engineer B. la. Kudymov. A refined model developed in 1939 was used by Soviet forces in the Soviet-Finnish War of 1939–40 and in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45. During World War II (1939–5) the mine detector was the primary means used by all the warring armies to reconnoiter minefields.

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As with all mine detector operators, his job was to go forward and confirm a route was clear or call in the bomb disposal if not.
This means that before a unit is fielded its authorized quantity of mine detectors, it must have an equal or greater number of licensed operators.
Before a unit is issued its mine detectors, it must have an appropriate number of "qualified operators.
The advanced mine detector picks up the frequencies while software mounted in a backpack identifies the type of explosive.
We know every time we put a Husky or another one of our mine detector vehicles in service that our men and women in uniform are going to be depending on it," said CEO Michael McCormack, a West Point graduate whose company is mostly comprised of military veterans.
In January 2001 the hand held mine detector, invented at Roke, won the Worldaware Innovations Prize because of its potential to reduce casualties in the third world.
And Harry Davison, of North Shields, said: "There was a bit of a worry when it was thought that a ostrich had swallowed a padlock and the Army was called in with a mine detector.
Use an AN/PSS-12 mine detector to locate five mines.
Italy's CEIA is also well represented in world markets with its MIL-D1 digital metal detector, which meets the requirement to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals Research conducted by Adams Electronics in Britain has led to the development of the AX 777 mine detector, which red its electromagnetic emissions to minimum levels thus minimising the risk of triggering a booby-trap that responds to emissions from the detector.
Cumming hopes to have a version of the mine detector ready for limited testing in real mine fields later this year.
Army mine detector, advanced through-wall radar and explosive detection sensors for checkpoints.
The battery won't power the mine detector as long as it should.