Mine Work

Mine Work


work done to make and maintain mining excavations that explore for and extract mineral products from the earth.

Mine work is divided into open-pit work, which is done under the open sky; underground work, which is done in the earth’s interior; and underwater work.

Mine work is further subdivided by the method of work and means used into machine work (the most common, done by mining machinery and equipment); explosive work (the main type uses explosive charges placed in boreholes, blast-holes, or previous excavations); hydraulic; geotechnological (extracting mineral products by sublimation, leaching, dissolving, and evaporation); drilling (used for extracting petroleum, combustible gases, brines, and mineral solutions through boreholes made to depths of several thousand m); and thermal (rarely used, for prospecting work in permafrost regions).

Mine work is also subdivided by production function into stripping a deposit; preparatory work (to prepare the stripped part of the deposit for working—dividing it into cutting fields or blocks by means of mining excavations that ensure transportation of rocks, materials, and equipment and movement of people); cutting work (to divide the cutting fields or blocks into cutting sectors by means of cut excavations); and cleaning or extraction work (to extract the mineral products).


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The contract is for the execution of mine work safety chamber Margielnikon the item.
This is a testimony to China's "sustained and steady" improvement of coal mine work safety nationwide, with the annual coal production volume in the country surging to 3.
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In some ways, this is not surprising: watching this year's FNB Vita Dance Umbrella was to realize just how much dancing is a natural and spontaneous activity for many South Africans, growing out of every imaginable circumstance--funerals, weddings, the harsh realities of mine work, and the gangster culture of the townships.
The property, plant, and equipment assets that the company owns include land, crushing, milling, and flotation capacity, complete spare parts, plant site buildings, real estate, tailings impoundments and mine work shops, as well as access to mining infrastructure.
The subject of the disposal of the main pit mine work New Josef (HDD NJJ) due to the deteriorating state of the structure, which is closing ohlubnovE' Rolling.
RCR%s Resources business has also been awarded a major extension at Newcrest Mining Limited%s Cadia Valley Operations in New South Wales, for specialised underground mine work.
Billy Birchfield, 37, and Rodney Sheets, 47, were fatally injured in the accident involving a rock truck and a van transporting workers to the surface mine work area.
The plant assets now owned by PolyMet include crushing, milling and flotation capacity, complete spare parts, plant site buildings, real estate, tailings impoundments and mine work shops, as well as access to the extensive mining infrastructure near Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota.
White wash, colour wash & painting of BOCP Mine work shop 6.
Bema Gold Corporation ("the Company") reports, Compania Minera Maricunga ("CMM") (50 percent Bema Gold/50 percent Amax Gold), the operator of the Refugio Mine has informed the Company that a union representing a minority of the total Refugio Mine work force has gone on strike commencing January 20 for increased wages and benefits.