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(naval architecture)
A ship specially designed and equipped to remove or destroy underwater mines.
Heavy road roller pushed in front of a tank, to destroy land mines by exploding them.



a warship intended for the detection and destruction of naval mines with the aid of sweeps and for conducting warships behind the sweeps.

Minesweepers are subdivided into the following categories: fleet minesweepers, which escort warships at sea and sweep in areas far from their own bases; coastal and inshore minesweepers, which sweep in their own waters; motorboat minesweepers, which sweep in roadsteads and coastal areas; and river minesweepers, which sweep mines and escort ships in rivers.

Large minesweepers have a displacement of up to 800 tons and a speed of 15–20 knots. Such minesweepers are equipped with powerful engines, sonar and television for mine detection, and equipment for towing the sweeps. The main armament of minesweepers consists of various types of sweeps, the use of which depends on the type of mines the enemy has laid. For self-defense, minesweepers are armed with small-caliber antiaircraft guns.

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He served in the Navy during the Korean War as a mine sweeper and rescuer of downed pilots.
75-tonne artillery guns, Explosive Ordnance Disposal armoured vehicles, an Aardvark mine sweeper and several MOWAG tanks in the parade.
Jack was serving aboard a Royal Navy mine sweeper at the time.
Navy for its mine hunter and mine sweeper ships in the Persian Gulf, as well as a top company engineer during the entire military operation.
Suddenly the sun disappeared, the wind came up, the rain came down - and huge waves smashed against the sides of the wedding boat, a coverted ex-British Navy 1937 mine sweeper.
In 1950, Cousteau bought the former mine sweeper Calypso, which he converted into a floating laboratory outfitted with the most modern equipment, including underwater television gear.
He said the loss of the mine sweeper contract means that the engineering division will become even more important to Portship's overall operation.
Navy during World War II, serving aboard a mine sweeper, the USS Cowie in the North Atlantic and Africa.
A TORPEDO boat, mine sweeper and battle ship are among the exhibits at the Nat ional Mari time Museum at the western end of the Marine Gardens.
I was a member of the Royal Naval Reserve at HMS Cambria at Cardiff Dock in the 1970s I served on board HMS St David, a mine sweeper, visiting such places as Gibraltar, Tangier, Portugal etc all from Cardiff.
Grandad Bob from Melton Mowbray, Leics, invented a mine sweeper 100 times faster than manual clearers can find them.
During the war James worked as a mine sweeper, cleaning up after the D-Day landings, and in 1945 returned to the family home.

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