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Process of detecting and removing land mines or underwater mines.



the detection and destruction of mines, a combat mission of minesweepers and specially assigned ships and helicopters whose task is to assure that warships and transports can navigate safely at sea, on lakes, and in rivers.

The location of minefields, the determination of the boundaries of minefields, and the verification that friendly ships can navigate safely in a particular region of the sea are preceded by reconnaissance or verification minesweeping. The first step in the elimination of minefields is the sweeping of the channels that are necessary for navigation. Mines that have floated to the surface are destroyed by gunfire or by using explosive charges. The sweeping of moored mines is called contact minesweeping, and the sweeping of bottom mines is called influence minesweeping. In contact minesweeping, ships tow the sweeps at a given depth; when mines are encountered, the ships tow them to shallow waters and cut the mooring lines—thus allowing the mines to float to the surface—or detonate the mines. In influence minesweeping the mine fuze is actuated by a magnetic field, a noisemaker, or both. In this case, the possibility that the mines may be equipped with various devices that make minesweeping difficult is taken into account.

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Donald was in the Royal Navy from 1943 to 1947, as part of the Atlantic Convoy Escourt and also minesweeping in the Far East.
Minesweeping ships are currently helping investigators from Taiwan, the airline and the US National Transportation Safety Board search for the voice and flight data recorders from the aircraft.
Navy, in particular, took notice of rigids, possibly foreseeing their usefullness in anti-submarine missions, minesweeping, and rescue operations.
The report assesses progress in security (integrating environmental concerns into minesweeping, disarmament and non-proliferation policies) and preventing armed conflicts.
Born in County Tipperary, Ireland (1857), and entered the navy in 1870; rose through the ranks to captain (1897) and rear admiral (1908); superintendent of Malta dockyard (1912-1914); chosen to command British battle squadron to cooperate with French fleet in the Mediterranean (September 20, 1914); following Turkey's entry into the war (November 1914), he was asked by the Admiralty to draw up a plan to force the Dardanelles (Kanakkale Bogazi) (January 1915); Carden's plan called for the deliberate reduction of Turkish coastal fortifications, accompanied by a slow advance up the strait and extensive minesweeping operations; directed naval operations against the Dardanelles defenses with some success (February 19-March 10?
He said the Americans didn't succeed in minesweeping operations during the Iraqi-imposed war against Iran, and added, "Since 2011, the US has dedicated its largest and most important wargames to minesweeping operations.
Captain Rose, of North Shields in North Tyneside, volunteered to go with his trawler, the Saxton Prince, when it was recommissioned in 1914 for minesweeping duties.
Various other naval accidents have been reported in recent months including a submarine running aground in Mumbai's harbour, fires on a minesweeping vessel and an aircraft carrier, and a collision between a frigate and a fishing boat.
He pointed out that a minesweeping agreement was signed with Korean company Kangnam Corp last year but still it is to go beyond processes.
Here the wedding photographer prowled the tables equipped with what reminded me of minesweeping equipment; not surprisingly he needed to wear something resembling a flak jacket to support its weight.
MINESWEEPING is a family affair for three crew members serving onboard the USS Ponce.