Mini USB

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Mini USB

The small USB socket found on digital cameras, external hard drives, USB hubs and other equipment. The Mini-B plug and socket are all that remain of the USB Mini connectors after the Mini-A plug and Mini-AB socket were made obsolete for USB On-The-Go (see USB OTG). USB 2.0 uses Mini-B connectors, whereas USB 3.0 provides only Micro connectors. See USB 3.0 and USB.

Mini-B Is Widely Used
Digital cameras typically have a Mini-B USB socket for the Mini-B/Type-A cable that plugs into the computer or hub.

Sockets on a Hub
This Belkin hub, which plugs into a wall outlet for power, is connected to the computer by a Mini-B/Type A cable. It provides four Type A ports for peripherals, netting out to only three extra, because one Type A port on the computer is used to connect the hub.

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The projector is packaged with a carrying case, tripod, remote control, VGA/composite cable, Mini USB cable and AC adapter.
com, the leader in USB touchscreen displays, today announced the launch of the MimoPlug, a tiny linux-based, cube-shaped "plug computer" that is specially configured to work with the MimoMonitors family of mini USB touchscreen monitors.
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Aside from the benefits of a cross-industry standardization, the Micro USB connector is roughly half the physical thickness of a Mini USB connector, which will assist manufacturers in the design of thinner and lighter portable devices, going forward.
We believe this new patent pending cable is the defining architecture for mini USB 2.
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The battery lasts for approximately five hours of continuous operation and can be charged through a mini USB charger for maximum mobility.
Iomega also offers its Zip(R) 100MB, 250MB and 750MB drives; high-performance Iomega external hard drives and HDD solutions such as the Iomega StorCenter(TM) Network Hard Drive, available in multiple capacity sizes, including a new 1TB wireless model; Iomega Mini USB Flash drives, Micro Mini(TM) USB Flash drives; Iomega external CD-RW drives; Iomega Super DVD drives; and Iomega floppy USB-powered drives.