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motor vehicle whose design is based on the bicycle. The German inventor Gottlieb Daimler is generally credited with building the first practical motorcycle in 1885. The motorcycle did not become dependable and popular, however, until after 1900.
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The mini moto was seized by police and enquiries are ongoing to establish who was riding it.
e mini moto was seized by police and inquiries are ongoing to establish who was riding it.
Chris said: "I hope to follow in the footsteps of Valentino Rossi and one day become world champion but for the time being I'm planning and looking forward to 2011 and to go one step better and win the Mini Moto Championship series.
Warning: Inspector Derek Packham outside Quinton Police Station with a crushed mini moto motorbike.
The chief inspector said the kids on the mini moto were caught on public roads.
At the time there were a number of children riding mini moto bikes on the fields and the vet believes that the dogs were struck by a vehicle, a motorcycle or something similar," said PC Gary Jones, from Wiltshire Police.
These little Mini Moto Racing Bike replicas are ideal.
Craig Dolan, 24, Willow Grove, Wallsend Drove a mini moto without insurance or a helmet and while carrying a child in Wallsend on April 30.
TEESSIDE could soon have a mini moto cross champ - thanks to solid community support from Evening Gazette readers and local businessfolk.
Ross Humphries, aged 17, from Northfield, lifted the 125cc racing title this season after starting in mini moto.
uk/bikewise by clicking on the mini moto link or on (0191) 375-2136.
They died when their unregistered mini Moto motorbike hit the pavement in Sowerby Bridge and then crashed into a tree.