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a city in Cheliabinsk Oblast, RSFSR, administered through the Asha city soviet. The city is located in the southern Urals, on the Sim River at its confluence with the Min’iar in the Kama basin. Min’iar is a station on the Ufa-Cheliabinsk railroad line. A metal products plant operates in the city. The settlement of Min’iar arose during the second half of the 18th century and became a city in 1943.

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The unlikely group of diners gathered in front of a beautiful mountain top restaurant in the village of Miniara, near Halba for an iftar , showing that religious leaders and their communities can live in peace together if they want to.
Joseph's Church/Jeitawi 21:30 Miniara Summer festival, held at the local Public Garden G.
16:00 Graduating ceremony of trainees to help the youth of Akkar by providing them with job opportunities for a sustained development upon an invitation by the Volunteer Movement for Development in conjunction with the Halba women's league within the framework of a project funded by the US International Aid Agency at the Miniara High School auditorium, Akkar