Minimum Range

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minimum range

[′min·ə·məm ′rānj]
Least range setting of a gun at which the projectile will clear an obstacle or friendly troops between the gun and the target.
Shortest distance to which a gun can fire from a given position.

Minimum Range


the smallest area on which all the constant species of a plant association under investigation exist. The area is established by marking a large series of experimental areas of varying sizes (0.1–400 square meters). The size at which the number of constant species stops increasing is taken to be the minimum range.

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while traveling at a very fast clip, then firing from minimum range.
The minimum range is already seeing dramatic increases, At least one underwriter indicated it probably would not quote for less than $10,000 to $15,000 per $1 million.
9 kg and a range of 500 metres, the RGW 90, as all the weapons of the family, can be fired from enclosed spaces and has a minimum range of 20 metres.
The city Planning Commission initially awarded Woodridge a 5 for school impacts at its July hearing on the project, which fell below the minimum range of 7-10.
Atochem's Franco notes, "When we began to set specific targets for peroxide assay, rather than a minimum range, we got overnight reductions in variability.
The long-reach transceiver, with a minimum range of 40km, is also available in both 3.
The Thermal O/L Setting Shall Be Variable Covering A Minimum Range Of 200 To 250A.
Average markups for medicines on List of Essential Medicines and in mandatory minimum range in Ukraine (%), January-August 2010-2012 94 44.
The model is to be equipped with lithium ion batteries, and will have a minimum range 100 kms per charge.
In American service since the late 1990s is the M39A1 Block IA missile which has a minimum range of 70 km and a maximum range of 300 km, although to achieve this range the number of M74s carried is reduced to 300.
U), announced today that pursuant to a first working session with Legg Mason to select specific proposals for a transaction, the Independent Board Committee has instructed Legg Mason to entertain proposals within a range of value with the minimum range of the floor being higher than the $2.
qualification requirements will relate to the minimum range (which does not include extra).

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