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coal mining,

physical extraction of coal resources to yield coal; also, the business of exploring for, developing, mining, and transporting coal in any form. Strip mining is the process in which the overburden (earth and rock material overlying the coal) is removed to expose a coal seam or coal bed. Excavators either dispose of the overburden or store the waste material for replacement after the coal has been extracted. Once exposed, the coal is usually removed in a separate operation. Surface soil is often stripped separately and spread back onto the reclaimed surface. The environment can also be protected by seeding or planting grass or trees on the fertilized restored surface of a strip mine. The term strip mining is most often used in reference to coal mining, although the process may also be used to extract certain metallic ores as well. Sometimes the terms open-pit, open-cast, or surface mining are used in the same sense, although they usually refer to metalliferous mining or the mining of other minerals. Underground coal mining is the extraction of coal from below the surface of the earth. The coal is worked through tunnels, passages, and openings that are connected to the surface for the purpose of the removal of the coal. Mechanical equipment breaks the coal to a size suitable for haulage. Alternatively, the coal is drilled, and the resultant holes are loaded with explosives and blasted in order to break the coal to the desired size. In order to protect the miners and equipment in an underground coal mine, much attention is paid to maintaining and supporting a safe roof or overhead ceiling for the extraction openings. Long-wall mining is a method of underground mining believed to have been developed in Shropshire, England, near the end of the 17th cent. A long face, or working section, of coal, some 600 ft (180 m) in length, is operated at one time. The miners and machinery at the working face are usually protected by hydraulic jacks or mechanical props which are advanced as the coal is extracted. The excavated, or gob, area is either allowed to cave in, or is filled in by waste material called stowing. The Anderton shearer is a widely used coal cutter and loader for long-wall mining. It shears coal from the face as it moves in one direction and loads coal onto an armored conveyor as it travels back in the opposite direction. It is ordinarily used for coal seams greater than 3.5 ft (9.1 cm) in thickness.

coal mining

[′kōl ‚mīn·iŋ]
(mining engineering)
The technical and mechanical job of removing coal from the earth and preparing it for market.
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Sindh CM maintained, "We are going ahead and by mining coal, power plants will be installed, while Sindh possesses resources of 100 years where about 50,000 to 60,000 people will work in a single power plant of a block.
Sojitz to start mining coal at Australia's Minerva in FY 2005
Mining coal is more dangerous than mining gold, copper or other minerals, because the rock tends to be softer and huge quantities of material must be brought to the surface.
Seventy-five of these hideous projects are mining coal now and would you believe that the Republican governor, Cecil Underwood, a former coal company executive who received $518,000 in campaign and inauguration contributions from his mining industry pals, is now trying to expand mountaintop removal
Lest anyone get the idea of mining coal for its diamonds, it would take about a quadrillion (1015) of these nanodiamonds to equal the volume of a 1-carat solitaire.
This technology would increase the yield of the coal and the by-products, and reduce production costs while reducing the environmental effects of mining coal.
Contract award: provision of a comprehensive service for the bath mining coal company sa kwk sosnica-makoszowy.
I would like to think we will be mining coal before the turn of the year.
It is planned to start mining coal in Uzgen, said the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Daniar Usenov speaking at the meeting of the Communist faction on March 17.
Celtic Energy began operations at the site, known locally as Parc Slip, in 2001, mining coal for industrial customers including Aberthaw Power Station in the Vale of Glamorgan.
Like many communities once devoted to mining coal, the Northumberland village really would benefit from regeneration.
That's an exaggeration; judging from Wilkinson's description, cutting sugarcane in Florida doesn't sound as dangerous as, say, mining coal in Pennsylvania.

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