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The Obama administration should order the corps to suspend the permits that it already has issued, and Congress should pass legislation that would redefine mining waste as the pollutant that it undeniably is.
A pounds 10 MILLION plan to restore miles of coastline scarred by mining waste has hit a snag - no one knows what it used to look like.
Contract award: provision of services for kwk "myslowice-merry" in the field of mining waste management, ie.
Responsibly recycling the phones that iPhone5s are replacing could prevent the creation of 2 million tons of mining waste.
The study is a part of the investigation Sustainable Mining Conditions, the project MinNovation, and other mining waste studies in the Department of Mining of Tallinn University of Technology.
The North-East businessman, who has a number of gold and copper interests in China, is part of a three-way partnership setting up a mining waste reprocessing factory in GejiuJinchan City in South-West China.
That said, some amendments were adopted toughening the directive, for instance a ban on dumping mining waste in coastal or inland waters under any circumstances.
Julia Bonds of West Virginia is leading the campaign to stop mountaintop removal coal mining, which is ravaging communities throughout Appalachia, turning river valleys into mining waste dumps, driving up asthma rates and forcing whole communities to abandon their homes.
This mining waste contains differing levels of residual lead and cadmium depending upon when the mining took place.
Alamos is currently giving priority to mining waste from the pit to provide fill necessary to facilitate proper grading of the conveyer route.
At Kumtor mine the First Vice Prime Minister will explore the tailing dam, Petrov Lake, waste water treatment facility, mining waste dumps, central pit, gold mill, moving rock waste dumps.
Studies on utilization of aggregate produced from the oil shale mining waste rock started in 1989 under direction of Prof.