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Great Britain: see Channel IslandsChannel Islands,
archipelago (2005 est. pop. 156,000), 75 sq mi (194 sq km), 10 mi (16 km) off the coast of Normandy, France, in the English Channel. The main islands are Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, and Sark, and there are several smaller islands, including Herm, Jethou, and
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During cool--cold and low sea level events, Jersey would have been joined to northern France, isolated between broadly south-east to north-west trending rivers running between Jersey and the modern Cotentin Peninsula (to the north-west) and the Minquiers to the south (see Figure 1).
Terns are now nesting at the site at Les Maisons, which is about 6km from main island of the Minquiers, and work is timed for once the young birds have fledged and left their nests.
of the Minquiers and Ecrehos groups," (114) which are located between France and the British Island of Jersey.
Both parties also contradictorily claimed feudal title to the territory, and as such, the Court decided to examine "'not indirect presumptions deduced from events in the Middle Ages, but the evidence which relates directly to the possession of the Ecrehos and Minquiers groups.
867; The Minquiers and Ecrehos Case (France/United Kingdom), 1953 International Court of Justice 47; Land, Island, and Maritime Frontier Dispute (El Salvador/ Honduras; Nicaragua intervening), 1992 International Court of Justice 351.
Identically, the decision rendered in the case Minquiers et des Ecrehous has been invoked by the Cassation Court in the case Buchanon (32).
As well as the island of Jersey itself, it also includes the uninhabited islands of Minquiers and EcrAhous.
Parisian Jean Raspail turned up at the British Embassy in the French capital to return the Union Flag taken as war booty this weekend in a takeover of the tiny island of Minquiers, south of Jersey.
Philosopher Jean Raspail led the shortest-lived foreign occupation of British territory when he invaded the largest of the Les Minquiers islands south of Jersey.
Peter and Anne Mourant succeeded where King Harold failed by dispatching a force of seven Gallic "volunteer Navy fuseliers" after they had tried to annexe the tiny island of Minquiers, south of Jersey.
King Orelie-Antoine I - eccentric writer Antoine Tounens - claimed his navy and marines had taken over uninhabited Minquiers, just south of Jersey.
In a moment to make patriotic hearts swell, an alien flag hoisted over the rocky outcrop of Minquiers, south of Jersey, was replaced with the Union flag by the British sailor and his wife as they sat down for lunch.