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in the American Revolution, colonial militiamen or armed citizens who agreed to turn out for service at a minute's notice. The term minutemen is used especially for the men who were enrolled (1774) for such service by the Massachusetts provincial congress. These were "the embattled farmers" who fought against the British at Lexington and Concord.
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That's how perfectly nice guys slip into the dark side of the force," says Samuel Forman, a physician and 22-year member of the Lexington Minute Men.
MINUTE MEN Hibs led after just three minutes into game
I learned a lot when I was put in a management position and ran crews," said Sturk, co-owner of Minute Men Painters of Portsmouth.
The poor, of course, are slaves to time: many die young and stay pretty, and are preyed on by time bandits called Minute Men, who clean clocks at gunpoint.
Other eras include the revolution and republic, the US-Mexican War, the Civil War, the Minute Men and the Frontier forces 1865-74, and the State Ranger Force 1901-35.
Peters Catholic Parish, Oliver Ashton Post #343, American Legion, the USS CONCORD Minute Men Assn.
When you have a governor of the great state of California calling the Arizona Minute Men ``terrific'' and many of the talk-radio clowns constantly trying to whip their lockstep worshippers into an angry frenzy over ``illegal aliens'' you realize a person of Maceri's intelligence and integrity might not be given much credibility.
The Four Minute Men began proselytizing at movie theaters, but they soon expanded their efforts to church halls, labor union gatherings, lumber camps and even Indian reservations.
One minute men are men,irrespective of age, and the next some of them seem dangerously too young,like possibly it would be illegal to even chat to them with a mere hint of flirtatiousness in your voice.
WIGAN coach Stuart Raper paid tribute to his 80 minute men after the Challenge Cup winners held their nerve to claim a 30-14 victory over Wakefield that propelled them four places up the Super League ladder.
The program's aim is to produce a network of 21st century Minute men and women to defend the airways from terrorism.
Born and raised in San Pedro CA, his mom is down with Saccharin Trust, the Minute Men, and Black Flag.