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French island: see Saint Pierre and MiquelonSaint Pierre and Miquelon
, French territorial collectivity (2005 est. pop. 7,000), 93 sq mi (241 sq km), consisting of nine small islands S of Newfoundland, Canada, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The capital is Saint Pierre on the island of the same name.
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Finally, the level of conflict of interest with alternative activities was assessed with a 6-item scale from the Passion Scale (Vallerand and Miquelon, 2007): "Sometimes conflicts arise between my sport and other activities".
Table 1 in this book takes the method a few steps further by inventing 2-letter codes for Mexican states, St Pierre & Miquelon [PM] (the often-neglected French possession off the coast of Newfoundland), and the Aleutian Islands [AI] (part of Alaska).
Only the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon remain under French Rule.
Pierre and Miquelon to support their fishing industry, England set the stage for a resurgence of French naval power.
Miquelon has held several international positions with Procter & Gamble, according to Tyson's statement.
Miquelon, an executive with Procter & Gamble Co.
Pierre and Miquelon that two centuries later would prove to be another bone of contention during the Second World War between the French and the Americans.
present Peru * Monaco * 1865-present Pitcairn Islands Montenegro 1999-present Puerto Rico Montserrat 1938-1951 Qatar Morocco 1897-1907 Saint Helena 1800s-1969 Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint-Pierre and Miquelon 1890?
Saint Helena n/a n/a 'The economy depends largely on financial assistance from the UK' St Pierre and n/a n/a 'The islands are heavily Miquelon subsidised by France' Senegal 10% 38% Togo 6% 34% Tokelau n/a n/a 'Aid from New Zealand is greater than GDP' Tonga 12% 29% Tuvalu n/a n/a 'Substantial income is received annually from an international trust fund established in 1987 by Australia, NZ, and the UK' Wallis and Futuna n/a n/a 'Revenues come from French Government subsidies, etc'.
Pierre and Miquelon, Palestine, Faeroe Islands, and Singapore (p.