Wilhelm Mirbach

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Mirbach, Wilhelm


Born July 2, 1871, in Ischl, now Bad Ischl, Austria; died July 6, 1918, in Moscow. Count; German diplomat.

Mirbach took part in the Soviet-German peace negotiations at Brest-Litovsk (December 1917 to March 1918). In April 1918 he was appointed German ambassador to the government of the RSFSR in Moscow. He was killed by the Left Socialist Revolutionary la. G. Bliumkin on instructions from the Central Committee of the party of the Left Socialist Revolutionaries who attempted to provoke a war with Germany. Mirbach’s murder served as the signal for the outbreak of the Left Socialist-Revolutionary revolt in Moscow in 1918.

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OREXE"QtFND6WUHHW of PEilffy Palace (GMB) facade, Mirbach Palace, Ancient Gerulata Museum in Rusovce (total reconstruction), building a new common building for town organizations (Bratislava City Museum (MMB), Bratislava City Gallery (GMB), Institute for Monument Preservation (MUOP), City library (MK)), to be used to store and curate collections, as an office and workshop for restorers (it could be also used for commercial services used by other museums, galleries, and for the public).
On 6 July 1918 the Left Social Revolutionaries (a party that had been in coalition with Lenin after the October Revolution) murdered Mirbach, the German ambassador to Soviet Russia in the hope of provoking a German invasion, following this act by shelling the Kremlin, and on 30 August 1918 the Right Social Revolutionaries tried to assassinate Lenin, shooting him in the shoulder, neck and left lung.
The assassination of the German ambassador, Count Wilhelm von Mirbach, on April 23, 1918 shortly after his arrival in Moscow, presented a very real legitimacy challenge for the Soviet state.
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