an urban-type settlement in Dzerzhinsk Raion, Zhitomir Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Located on the Sluch’ River in the Pripiat’ basin, near the Miropol’ station on the Shepetovka-Berdichev railroad line. A paper mill, a bakery, and a branch of the Dzerzhinskii Creamery are located in Miropol’.

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Boyer, the mayoral candidate, was joined by Valley council candidates Frank Sheftel and Leonard Miropol at a news conference to denounce the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's plan for an east-west busway.
Leonard Miropol said his experience teaching English as a second language in Los Angeles public schools has exposed him to people from all areas of the city and all backgrounds.
I am able to talk to and listen to people from all walks of life,'' Miropol said.
Miropol wants to see the Valley liberate itself from the electrical grid by providing solar power for all homes.
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