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see staff treestaff tree,
common name for some temperate members of the Celastraceae, a family of trees and shrubs (many of them climbing forms), widely distributed except in polar regions.
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Mirra, who died at age 41, reportedly exhibited the signature signs of CTE.
Mirra, who was married with two daughters, won 14 gold medals at X Games between 1995 and 2008.
These works indicate how Mirra makes us participants, too, in her way of seeing and perceiving; tracing signs on the canvas, she offers clues about how to see things--from what viewpoint and through what activity.
Harvinder Kaur, Director, India Council for Integral Education and Auro Mirra International School said, "At Auro Mirra International School we take the Integral Education approach that seeks to transform the being from within.
However, though Freud belittled the Russian-born Mirra as a former "comedienne," he did mention one accurate detail: that she had acted in Konstantin Stanislavsky's celebrated Moscow Art Theater.
Mirra is excellent in drawing upon Lynd's manuscripts and voluminous publications to explore Lynd's intricate thinking.
Mirra has experienced double-digit sales gains since its launch last October, Kroger told AP.
Mirra has dominated the competition arena for more than a decade and has achieved the most gold medals of any X Games competitor.
Excitement is the name of the game as you progress through the 17 challenging levels of the Dave Mirra BMX Challenge to unlock a collection of bike upgrades: each bike handles the grinds, grabs and air tricks with a uniquely distinct approach.
Dave Mirra BMX Challenge might have more appeal to BMX aficionados
Oxy Acne Solutions has debuted a television commercial featuring BMX cycling star and 13-time X Games gold medalist Dave Mirra.