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see staff treestaff tree,
common name for some temperate members of the Celastraceae, a family of trees and shrubs (many of them climbing forms), widely distributed except in polar regions.
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Meanwhile both Mirra and Lasek had challenging Heat races, narrowly missing a top two finish position that would transfer them to the final.
To win just answer this question: Dave Mirra competed in the X Air Games in New Zealand, what is the capital of New Zealand?
The Mirra Personal Server is the ideal personal productivity solution for all-in-one digital content protection and management, providing hands-free, continuous backup, secure remote access and sharing from any Internet-connected PC.
Face the World Like You Mean It: "How you present yourself is sometimes more powerful than words or looks," explains Mirra.
As background to all this, Mirra presented a herbarium: sixteen pairs of pressed plants from the Arctic Circle.
TRICKS - Dave Mirra BMX Challenge is gravity-defying fun
Mirra suffered a slight concussion during the BMX vert competition Thursday and had contemplated not competing in Saturday's event at Home Depot Center.
Dominique Labrunye, Director of Process and Equipment Engineering at STMicroelectronics, Crolles, said, "The exceptional performance of the Applied Mirra Mesa system with Nova integrated metrology has shown capability to increase the productivity of our dual damascene copper CMP process.
Subaru Rally Team USA drivers David Higgins and Dave Mirra head to Los Angeles this week to compete in Summer X Games 17.
A smaller room contains three of the narrow, hand-sewn cotton bands on which Mirra types a "subjective" index of books' contents, a format she has previously used to offer veiled, self-reflexive investigations of her artistic process.