Mirror Reflection

mirror reflection

[′mir·ər ri′flek·shən]

Mirror Reflection


the transformation of a space with respect to a given plane a for which to a point P located to one side of the plane a there corresponds a point P’ located on the other side of a in such a way that the plane a is perpendicular to the segment PP’ and passes through its center. A mirror reflection leaves the points in plane a unchanged. The mirror reflection of a plane with respect to a given straight line is defined analogously.

Figure 1

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His positions are a mirror reflection of the settlers' ideology in Israel's right-wing coalition government rather than that of successive Administrations that have claimed to be invested in peace.
This allows the driver to access either the conventional rearview mirror reflection (to see, for example, what is happening inside the rear of the Armada), or the new intelligent view as desired.
Rumi Sunset in Siwa's Al Maraqi showing the Red Mountain and Taziri Ecolodge - Monika Sleszynska A mirror reflection of the sunset at the salt lake in Al- Maraqi of Siwa Oasis - Monika Sleszynska "The sunset of life gives me mystical lore, And coming events cast their shadows before.
However, the painting is also divided by a central cross into four quadrants of triangles and orb shapes, with each a mirror reflection of its opposite.
Adults will be amused, and maybe a little self-conscious, to recognize themselves in his bleary morning mirror reflection.
Similarly, the trained killer that acts as a mirror reflection to Bourne has no personality except to be ruthless and efficient, just like the assassins from the previous films.
Using children's literature texts across the broader curriculum that reflect the diversity of the Australian society is one essential way to offer students both a window to other cultures and a mirror reflection of their own.
Caught in a mirror reflection was the man taking the photo - and he was in his birthday suit
With a new state of the art studio that includes mirror reflection, LED stage lights, imagery projection and state of the art sound at their disposal.
The picture that was taken during the VMA Awards After Party shows Robin with the fan, and in the mirror reflection, it was seen that Robin was grabbing the woman's butt.
What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.
Today's Food Service Attendants are a mirror reflection of today's Sailors.