Mirror Reflection

mirror reflection

[′mir·ər ri′flek·shən]

Mirror Reflection


the transformation of a space with respect to a given plane a for which to a point P located to one side of the plane a there corresponds a point P’ located on the other side of a in such a way that the plane a is perpendicular to the segment PP’ and passes through its center. A mirror reflection leaves the points in plane a unchanged. The mirror reflection of a plane with respect to a given straight line is defined analogously.

Figure 1

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Caught in a mirror reflection was the man taking the photo - and he was in his birthday suit
With a new state of the art studio that includes mirror reflection, LED stage lights, imagery projection and state of the art sound at their disposal.
The picture that was taken during the VMA Awards After Party shows Robin with the fan, and in the mirror reflection, it was seen that Robin was grabbing the woman's butt.
Today's Food Service Attendants are a mirror reflection of today's Sailors.
An elegant, minimalist digital death trip, a video game in which everyone is played, and, like it or not, a mirror reflection of the way we live now.
In many ways the game was a mirror reflection of our season, as it highlighted inconsistency," said Cardiff team manager Gafyn Cooper.
London, Sept 2 (ANI): Ryan Giggs' former flame Imogen Thomas appeared to be quite besotted with herself, as she was spotted sneaking an admirable glance at her mirror reflection while filming for ITV's This Morning's 'Hunks in Trunks' in Marbella, Spain.
While the laws of optics support the rhetoric of the objectivity of mirror reflection, invariably the subjective nature of all observation prevails due to the intricacies of human perception, conditioned, in turn, by experience, physical and mental state, intention, perspective, etc.
Impressive in its totality, it left nothing to the imagination: wide, sweeping beams that spanned the width of my shoulders, each supporting five tall tines, one side a mirror reflection of the other.
Mulvey draws explicitly from Lacan's elaboration of a child's formative encounter with his reflection in what Lacan calls the mirror stage - the moment when a child conceives his mirror reflection as an externally coherent subject, resulting in the misrecognition of an externally coherent self in the mirror thus helping forge the child's identity from an ego ideal.
Even in a work like Fell (2008), a vivid jumble of pick-up sticks and cubes, we find a broken piece of terracotta paver, suggestive of a beginner's drawing class or, apropos de Maupassant's story "L'Horla," the sudden appearance of an unseen presence blocking your mirror reflection, which comes back blank.
As the surface is shiny object mirror, a mirror reflection of the primary beam.