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the arrangement of actors on the stage at any given moment of a theatrical production. An important device for graphically bringing out the theme of a play, the miseen-scene is an essential component of the director’s interpretation of the production. The style and genre of the theatrical production are reflected in the miseen-scene. Through his arrangement of the actors, the stage director brings the play to life. The selection of a well-planned mise-en-scene is also the responsibility of the set designer, who, in cooperation with the director, decides on a definite spatial treatment of the production and creates the necessary conditions for stage action. Every mise-en-scene must be compatible with the relationships and emotions of the characters being portrayed: it must function naturally, easily, and organically.

In film-making the creation of the mise-en-scéne depends to a great extent on the camera angle and range.


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In order to describe and understand Hong's style in more concrete detail, I will combine two approaches: Mise-en-scene criticism and statistical style analysis.
This juxtaposition of moods is a significant aspect of the mise-en-scene that reflects the presence of realism and expressionism in Seven Beauties.
The film's excursions outside of this space draw attention to the constructed nature of its mise-en-scene and, by relation, foreground the constructedness of representation as a whole.
The purple mists and shafts of light look like what they are: a temporary, artificial mise-en-scene.
In Version, it's expressed as the rupture between diegetic sound and nondiegetic sound (Poledna effectively collapses the two) and mise-en-scene.
Suddenly, Kilimnik's mise-en-scene became a mise en abyme, with so many reinterpreted realities stacked inside each other like Chinese boxes.
Beyond playing on the true and the false, Laurette's "performance" can be seen as an institutional critique, as an investigation of context via the mise-en-scene and mise en abime of the social dynamics of the spectacle, and as an examination of relationships between the art world and the celebrity system--all in three easy steps.
Sculpting reliefs based on newspaper photos, for instance, Pascal Convert subtly reveals an iconographic tradition and a mise-en-scene that profoundly modify their putatively neutral status.
The Reaganomic terminology seems appropriate, since the video's mise-en-scene has a New Wave noir quality that feels distinctly '80s.
Pflumm's rhythmic mise-en-scene of everyday media signs and allusions to their effects is but one of many post-Pop appropriations and infiltrations of today's multifarious mass culture.
Waters's little movies are subversive rewritings of cinematic material liberated from its mise-en-scene so that it can tell its own story in its own time.
Michael Mittelman's Hallway, 2003-2004, confronted audiences with the delayed feedback of their own sounds and ghostly images (captured by hidden camera) in the claustrophobic mise-en-scene of a house corridor.