Missile Launcher

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Missile Launcher


a device for launching tactical, semi-strategic, strategic, and antiaircraft missiles. The design depends on the class of missile, the type of guidance system, the launch position (vertical or inclined), and other factors.

Missile launchers are subdivided into ground, ship, and aircraft launchers, depending on where the missiles are launched from. Ground launchers may be permanent or mobile. Permanent launchers, including silos, are designed for launching strategic missiles; mobile launchers, using transport systems with excellent offroad capabilities, are used to launch semistrategic, tactical, and antiaircraft missiles.

A missile launcher usually has a base structure on which the other elements are mounted, a guide structure (sometimes several) to direct the missile during the initial flight stage, mechanisms (drives) to control the guide structure, and a launch apparatus. Ship launchers can launch missiles when the ship is under steam or rolling; launchers on submarines can fire from underwater. Missile launchers on aircraft do not have guidance mechanisms; the direction of launch is determined by the attitude of the aircraft.

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ASELSAN s Missile Launcher System is a customized compact and lightweight solution for naval platforms such as fast patrol boats and larger ships, providing defence for critical infrastructure such as oil rigs, seaports and naval bases against a variety of surface and air threats.
Between June 22 and June 25, Higgins and the team claimed the contested Buk missile launcher was part of a military convoy from the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade that had travelled from the Russian town of Kursk to the Ukraine border.
The video footage that claims to show a truck carrying a Buk missile launcher they say was used to fire on the plane with two of its four missiles apparently missing, report said.
The innovation comes in the way all the pieces of the network work together--the UAV acquires the target, produces GPS coordinates, transmits them to the ground station, which then sends them to the missile launcher opera tot, according to company officials.
At this point, the MHU-83 bomb lift truck ("jammer") lifts the bottom half of the casket under the HARM, gently places it in the casket foam, the forward track safety pin is removed, and the missile finally slides completely off the missile launcher.
The coalition targeted the anti-ship missile launcher because it was a threat to coalition maritime forces operating in the North Arabian Gulf,'' the statement said.
Also on Thursday, the JCG retrieved about 50 items around the area which included a portable loaded antiaircraft missile launcher, an antitank rocket gun and an artillery shell.
The second scored a direct hit on a simulated mobile missile launcher using SLAM-ER fired at 85 nm and controlled at 110 nm from the target.
THE IRA is believed to have 1,000 AK-47 rifles, 600 handguns, 12 heavy machine guns, 20 DHSK armour-piercing machine guns, SAM-7 surface-to-air missile launcher, 40 rocket-propelled grenades, six flame-throwers, one million rounds of ammunition, 500 detonators and two tons of Semtex.
official has reportedly said that the missile launcher that is suspected to have been used by pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine to bring down Malaysia Air flight MH17 is probably back in Russia.
UN: United Nations officials are investigating allegations that China supplied technology for a North Korean missile launcher in a possible breach of UN sanctions, a leading defence journal said Thursday.
Integrating the semi-active laser guided HELLFIRE II missile and M299 missile launcher on the HAD Tiger attack helicopter will provide our European allies increased versatility and lethality to defend their interests at home and abroad," said Andy Marshall, international program manager for Air-to- Ground Missile Systems at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

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