Missile Ship

missile ship

[′mis·əl ‚ship]
(naval architecture)

Missile Ship


a class of surface warship whose principal weapon is missiles. The ships are designed to destroy large enemy surface warships and transports by means of missiles.

In the navies of the capitalist states, ships of the existing classes (such as cruisers, destroyers, and frigates) are armed with antiaircraft, antisubmarine, and multipurpose missile complexes. These vessels are used for a variety of combat missions at sea, including destroying enemy ships. They are often called guided missile ships (for example, guided missile cruisers and guided missile frigates). Missile boats are also being built.

The first time in the history of combat at sea that missile boats were used in battle was during the struggle of the Arab states against Israeli aggression. On Oct. 21, 1967, two missile boats of the Egyptian Navy sank the Israeli destroyer Elath with one missile salvo.


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Ships of Russia's Caspian Flotilla - the Dagestan guard ship and the Grad Sviyazhsk small missile ship - left the port of Makhachkala on Wednesday and put to sea for carrying out their tasks, ITAR-TASS reports Wednesday.
The small missile ship Ivanovets and missile boat Shtil were earlier ordered to depart to the Eastern Mediterranean on September 25 but were later cancelled.
Described by media outlets as a "4,000-ton frigate, fully armed with air defence missiles" or simply as a "Chinese missile ship," the warship Xuzhou would appear to a layperson to be both massive and powerful.
An Israeli Navy soldier behind a machine gun aboard a missile ship as Israeli Navy soldiers intercept boats headed towards the Gaza.
An Iranian ship said to be carrying weapons for Hamas was recently attacked and sunk in the Red Sea by an unidentified missile ship, an Egyptian weekly has reported.
TOKYO - A Maritime Self-Defense Force's missile ship on Tuesday accidentally fired 10 20-millimeter shells in Aomori Prefecture in northeast Japan, the Defense Agency said.
Today, ARC faces the new millenium as a production company with a strong technology base, as shown by a sampling of programs that rely on it for propulsion: MLRS, ATACMS, and Tomahawk of Desert Storm fame; Stinger, which helped drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan; Trident and Minuteman Post Boost Propulsion Systems serving two legs of the strategic triad; the PAC-3 surface launched defense system; Standard Missile ship defense system; Sidewinder and AMRAAM air launched missiles; and numerous space vehicles (solid, liquid and electric thrusters).
ISIL also allegedly hijacked an Egyptian missile ship near the northern end of the Suez Canal in early December.
Shingo Mimura lodged a protest Thursday with Defense Agency Director General Fukushiro Nukaga over the misfiring incident involving a Maritime Self-Defense Force hydrofoil missile ship in Aomori Prefecture on Tuesday.
Qassem Soleimani, as payback for Israel's seizure of an Iranian missile ship last week.

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