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see MisratahMisratah
or Misurata
, city (1984 pop. 131,031), NW Libya, located in an oasis. A seaport on the Mediterranean Sea, the city exports dates and grain and is noted for its handwoven carpets, pottery, and textiles. Misratah was known to the Romans as Tubartis.
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, Libya.
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They include Salah al-Berki, head of the Abu Salim Military Council militia of Tripoli; Usama Makrem, leader of Takifiri Fourkan militia of Misurata; al-Mazeq al-Mazeq, leader of Tajeen Militia of Misurata and Hamdi Ali Rajab, leader of Mohamed Kilani's militia of Zawia which belongs to the group of militias under the control of Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist Shaaban Hadiya known by Abu Ubaida.
The Tunisian Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry has declared that the operations of the Misurata airport and the Mitiga military airport have been restarted to balance the closure of the airport in the country s capital city of Tripoli.
Misurata Airport is in north Libya, 200km east of Tripoli.
Few cities in Libya suffered as much during the war as the western coastal town of Misurata, where more than 1,000 people were killed during a months-long siege by Gaddafi's troops.
Opponents are bombing the city mostly from the south front, which was opened by the rebels of Misurata.
5 inch gun across the bows of three rigid hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs) which were spotted acting suspiciously while the ship was patrolling the waters off the besieged city of Misurata.
piece in the vicinity of Misurata, 3 armoured fighting vehicles in the
The meeting in the White House came as a setback for them after a positive week of fighting Gaddafi forces, especially after success to regain control of an airport in the western city of Misurata.
Relief is being shipped to the town of Misurata, which has been blockaded from all sides and can only be accessed from the port.
People of Misurata told Reuters that one person at least has been killed and others were wounded as Libyan forces bombarded a building in the city.
The western city of Misurata was under siege, its electricity and water cut by the government, and doctors reported that at least 25 people were killed, including 16 unarmed civilians.
Fresh hope came to the rebels from the town of Misurata where a government assault was halted after a mutiny and gunfight between troops loyal to Gaddafi and those who wanted to switch sides.