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Knuth's hypothetical machine, used in The Art of Computer Programming v.1, Donald Knuth, A-W 1969.


A ready-mixed batch of concrete, plaster, or mortar.


On drawings, abbr. for mixture.


(1) (Multimedia Internet EXchange) An Internet access point that supports quality of service (QoS) for multimedia traffic. See NAP and MPLS.

(2) (Medical Information EXchange System) A health information exchange (HIE) system for Windows from SETECS Medical Technologies (www.setecs.com). MIX enables interfacing to any EMR/EHR system that supports the HL7 messaging standard. Issued to both patients and healthcare providers, PIV-compliant smart cards provide strong security (see PIV).
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And don't forget the double-tap keg pour station, a sink with running water, two ice chests and a full-sized blender to mix drinks.
If you have it, you can mix drinks with confidence.
The presentation portion will be followed by a hands-on cocktail seminar, in which the participants can learn simple steps to increasing beverage value, while discovering how to mix drinks from the country's top beverage gurus.