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Knuth's hypothetical machine, used in The Art of Computer Programming v.1, Donald Knuth, A-W 1969.


A ready-mixed batch of concrete, plaster, or mortar.


On drawings, abbr. for mixture.


(1) (Multimedia Internet EXchange) An Internet access point that supports quality of service (QoS) for multimedia traffic. See NAP and MPLS.

(2) (Medical Information EXchange System) A health information exchange (HIE) system for Windows from SETECS Medical Technologies (www.setecs.com). MIX enables interfacing to any EMR/EHR system that supports the HL7 messaging standard. Issued to both patients and healthcare providers, PIV-compliant smart cards provide strong security (see PIV).
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Typically, 8 to 16 different kinds of leaves are in mixes that have evolved to meet Western tastes.
Lettuces commonly used in salad mixes are green and red loose-leaf such as Loll Rosso, Oak Leaf, and Tango; small romaine such as Little Gem; and butterhead (butter or Bibb) lettuces such as Perella Red.
Chervil is often in salad mixes, as both a green and herb.
Salad mixes at farmers' markets often reflect the spirit of the producer and usually come with more variety and components than you'll find at the supermarket.
You can expect to find the freshest mixes at farmers' markets.
Figure 1 compares the cost of FX service under the current tariff with the cost under the message-unit structure for various mixes of call destinations.
Figure 3 compares the cost of FX service using discounted and non-discounted premium access rates for various mixes of call destinations (mileage from ope end).
Stravara, who had cleared away into a winning lead when overbalancing fatally after jumping two out, and the weary fall of Sharp Dresser at the last handed Lit Et Mixe an unlikely win.
Thursday sees Huntingdon join the roster again, offering a mixe of fascinating chases with a chance to spot a potential Triumph Hurdle contender, while at Taunton that same afternoon you can be sure Messrs Hobbs, Nicholls and Pipe will be limbering up a few Cheltenham festival possibles.
Key Features and Benefits Detailed category coverage is provided, covering three product segments that include: -- Baking Ingredients -- Baking Mixes -- Bread & Rolls -- Breakfast Cereals -- Cakes, Pastries & Sweet Pies -- Cereal Bars -- Cookies (Sweet Biscuits) -- Dough Products -- Energy Bars -- Morning Goods -- Savory Biscuits Detailed product sales segmentation (for both volumes and values) is provided, including brand data, and sales by distribution channel, at the product category level.
15 Baking Ingredients Distribution Channel Analysis, 2009-12 4 The United Kingdom Baking Mixes Market Analysis, 2007-17 4.
The marking of S-arguments instantiates a pattern that mixes properties of the aspect-conditioned split ergative systems Dixon (1994: 97-101) discusses with properties of Dixon's (1994: 78-83) "split-S" and "fluid-S"-type systems.