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(chemical engineering)
The intermingling of different materials (liquid, gas, solid) to produce a homogeneous mixture.
Combining two or more signals, such as the outputs of several microphones.
(science and technology)
The thorough intermingling of two or more different materials.

What does it mean when you dream about mixing something?

A dream about mixing may occur during a corporate merger, or during a social, political, or economic integration. The dreamer is putting together diverse situations or people.


A common operation to effect distribution, intermingling, and homogeneity of matter. Actually the operation is called agitation, with the term mixing being applicable when the goal is blending, that is, homogeneity. Other processes, such as reaction, mass transfer (includes solubility and crystallization), heat transfer, and dispersion, are also promoted by agitation. The type, extent, and intensity of agitation determine both the rates and adequacy of a particular process result. The agitation is accomplished by a variety of equipment.

Most liquid mixing is done by rotating impellers in vertical cylindrical vessels. A typical impeller-type liquid mixer with a variety of features is shown in the illustration. The internal features, including the vessel itself, are considered as a whole, that is, as the agitated system. The forces applied by the impeller develop overall circulation or bulk flow. Superimposed on this flow pattern, there is molecular diffusion, and if turbulence is present, also turbulent eddies. These provide micromixing. Solids, granular to powder, are mixed in a variety of contrivances.

Solids of different density and size are mixed in tumblers (a double cone turning end on end) or with agitators (a helical ribbon rotating in a horizontal trough). The duration of mixing is an important additional variable because classification and separation often occur after attainment of the desired distribution if the operation is carried on too long.

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A user can start with mixing control only and can expand as their needs grow.
Pump accessories include primers, pressure primers, hose, control valves, measuring valves, mixing and metering equipment.
When the disk is exactly half full, wedges of material suffer repeated avalanches, but no mixing between the wedges occurs.
agglomeration * attrition * temperature changes * aeration * cumulative mixing
A general literature search will result in a description of the following types of wear that I believe can be categorized into either a mechanical or chemical wear category, as can be applied to batch mixing (table 1).
The mixing process is decisive for quality, because the degree of dispersion achieved there can hardly be improved by subsequent work.
During the mixing process, the energy input for the HESC rotors is clearly higher.
Fifty-two percent goes into the mixing chambers, rotors, rotor endplates, floating weight and the door top.
Lead-lag are eliminated by component recirculation and special adjustments designed into the mixing head.
With the goal of developing a so-called silanization reactor, trials were conducted within the SATPRO project in order to optimize both the silica mixing process itself and the mixing equipment.
Second stage of two-stage screw has mixing elements for laminar, dispersive, and distributive mixing.
Krauss-Maffei is unveiling new mixing heads for various PUR applications.