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Mobile Bay,

arm of the Gulf of Mexico, SW Ala., from 8 to 18 mi (12.9–29 km) wide, extending c.35 mi (56 km) from the Gulf to the mouth of the Mobile River. A ship channel connects Mobile Bay with the Gulf. The Intracoastal Waterway passes through the southern part of the bay. Mobile, Ala., is on the northwest shore. Admiral David Farragut, a Civil War naval hero, won the celebrated battle of Mobile Bay on Aug. 5, 1864.
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Temporal variability in summertime bottom hypoxia in shallow areas of Mobile Bay, Alabama.
Oyster Crassostrea virginica spat settlement as it relates to the restoration of Fish River reef in Mobile Bay, Alabama.
The storm is now expected to come onshore near Mobile Bay, Alabama, on Thursday morning as a category 4 or strong category 3 hurricane.
Tri-States is a 161-mile natural gas liquids ("NGL") pipeline with a capacity of 95 MBPD originating at gas processing plants located near Mobile Bay, Alabama and terminating at Kenner Junction near New Orleans, Louisiana.
The Company also announced that drilling operations on its State Lease #804 Prospect in Mobile Bay, Alabama in which it owns a 30% working interest were unsuccessful.
Both Main Pass and Viosca Knoll are in the eastern Gulf south of Mobile Bay, Alabama, with Main Pass in shallower water closer to shore and Viosca Knoll in deeper water off the continental shelf.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- Frontier Natural Gas Corporation (Nasdaq-Small Cap: FNGC) today released test results on its "bright spot" wildcat well located in the shallow offshore waters of Mobile Bay, Alabama.

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